I Am Brave

Hey all!

I am so tired! I was kept up for a long time last night by the sound of rain pelting the roof. It's a really nice sound, but not when it's keeping you up.
Also, I have been doing a lot more writing exercises like just writing down whatever pops into my head instead of just pushing it aside. I have been able to think a lot better. It's weird, I always have these thoughts...not cluttering, but...occupying my brain so it's hard to think like a normal person. :)
Not that I want to, it would just be nice to be able to speak and not start going off on a tangent talking about this story in my mind.

It's kinda drizzly right now, but almost...a fresh spring rain. I like it, but it is kinda cold.

I'm listening to part of the Divergent soundtrack right now...wait, it might be a fan made song. Not sure, it's called "I am Brave." It's really good, at least, I like it. It's a mournful song, the most clear instruments is the piano an the violin...at least I think it's a violin. I really like it, it also reminded me of one of the scenes in my book. 

Um, so I found that my itsy bitsy hands cannot reach apart the length that is needed for one of the chords on Let It Go. So I have to shave off a note. I hate to do that because it won't sound as...full. So I'm a bit hesitant to do that, but I kinda have to. Any idea's?

Oh, Beth wants the computer, and I want to go practice piano, yet again a short post.



  1. It's quite possible that it's a real song, because I'm pretty sure the movie is out in theaters. :) I'll have to listen to it some time. :)

  2. Aw, I wish I could see it. Yes, whenever I'm writing I constantly leave notes like this: RICK LEAVES SUSY TO GO SAVE CINDY a few 'enters' below my writings. I am the only person that understands these notes. LOL. But, seriously, it's a good skill to have and I'm glad you can learn it. (:


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