Ok, I'm not a huge football fan. But today, to celebrate the Seahawks going to the Superbowl. We got some treats, and we all sat down and watched the Superbowl together.
So, I will update...OH!!!!! We got a touchdown!! It was in the first 12 seconds after halftime. That was awesome.
So we are 29 to 0, in our favor. This is crazy, I can't believe that we are doing so well. Well, actually I can. The Seahawks are awesome!
Once again, my interest in football normally isn't that strong. But since it's the  Seahawks, and the superbowl, I am all in!!

Anywho, I'm going to be giving updates, but until I do. What do I talk about? Weeeell, I guess I could talk about what food we got.
Ok, so mom cut up some veggies. And then she got pretzels, um, she made little cheese sandwiches. She got beef jerky and potato, what else...oh! She also got this pumpkin spice coconut milk. And we all were able to have a small handful of chocolate chips. Pretty much all of these were a treat...except the veggies.
I hope we win...if we do then there will be a celebration post. I bet we will!!!
Until then...