Hi, I just wanted to post this quick little thing saying how much I love this song. It is called "Vivaldi's Winter". It's "Let it Go", except without words and more...instrument-y. And they changed a few tones and added some parts. It sounds AMAZING!!! Of course I am a loopy right now. See, after I'm done with my cold I'll still like it. But I won't be loopy.

I feel really dizzy right now.

Warning:Contains content from context of Sherlock. If you have not seen the first episode and plan to do so, then please. Do not read this.
Ok, so I have watched the first episode of Sherlock. It is amazing!! Everything he detects makes sense, but at the same time you wouldn't normally think of it. Though, I suppose if you trained your brain to think like that, you could make those connections. It was brilliant!! There were some times that I was laughing. Like the whole "Welcome to London!" scene. That was hilarious. And also I was actually really proud of myself, I was able to tell who Mycroft was before the revealing. Just the way he talked, it sounded more like he was a brother watching out for Sherlock, not a bad guy. I am pretty proud of myself. =)

Anywho, I feel better than I did yesterday. I don't feel as if I'm about to die right now, so that's always good.
It's not a fun feeling when you are lying in bed and don't have anything to read or do and just have to lay there. Bored out of your mind.

So, the other day I was outside, and I noticed that I had made all these big plans for a treehouse when in fact the property had been sold. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. So, I talked to the people buying it, and they said that I can still go back there. I just can't build anything. So yep. There goes my dreams and hopes. No more tree house. Though I suppose I could ask if I could build just a small platform instead of a full tree house...hmm.

I have just watched the second Sherlock episode. Sarah is awesome. She hit a man over the head. I love new shows and discovering new things to obsess over. Now if I could only get the Doctor Who Season One soon. I am 64 out of 77. So...5 more years.

Yesterday we got OZ the Great and Powerful, and we are watching it right now because everyone has the flu. Well, except for Ben, and he'll probably get it soon though.
Anyway, back to OZ. I've heard a lot of good things about it, but when my mom and dad went to see it, they left because it was really slow and not that good. So far, I kinda like it. But then again I'm only like...20 minutes into it. So we'll see. Ooo, this woman just shot red fire out of her hand! Cool, maybe I will pay full attention! See, I am also writing this while I'm watching it. I am not a good multitask-er.

 I have to wrap this up pretty quickly, but I just want to say that the more views I get the more I get excited. I know it seems silly, but to think that people have actually seen my blog, is kinda cool. See, for the longest time I thought that I was just babbling to the internet, but I guess not.

Just one more quick thing, I really am sad that it's Feb. already. I just want to say, enjoy every day. Life is short, so I'm gonna go do something.


  1. Oz The Great and Powerful was okay, but the best movie though. :) The actor who played Harry in the original Spider-Man, played Oz! :D

    When you mentioned Sarah I was thinking, wait? Who's Sarah? Does she mean Molly? How could she mistake her- oh. Riiiiigggghhhhtt. Sarah. I remember her now. ;) I can't WAIT until you watch them all! :D

  2. I would just like to say that I cannot stop listing to Vivaldi's Winter now.

    I've seen the one where Molly and John get...SPOILER!! (married) END OF SPOILER!! Anywho, I was sad it didn't work out between John and Sarah, but I like Molly too.


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