Oh my gosh! I need one of these!! It's so fluffy and cute, and it looks so soft. I need one.

Ok, you probably think I'm a crazy person for busting in here and starting to blabber on like that. Well, you'd be right. I am pretty crazy. Anyway, I will show you one of the cutest, coolest things in this world...beside books. This adorable kitten!!
                                                                               I think I need one...

Sorry for interrupting your everyday lives for just a kitten, but tell me...tell me now. Isn't that so awesome! And cute! And awesome! Oops, I said awesome twice...well, that's ok, because that cat right there folks, deserves it! I really want one. It is the Pendekar Bengal kitten. It is like a leopard...for homes, and apartments. It's just so amazing...

Ok, enough of the kitten craze (but it's just so fluffy and adorable, and look at those eyes...), ahem. I must control myself.
It's just a kitty E, ("What am I going to do? *sob* "What are you going to do? What kind of question is that? You are Elastigirl!*slap!* Pull yourself together! You will go, fight, WIN!! And call me when you're done darling, I love our little visits.") Oh. Sorry, that was a quote from The kind of start quoting it a lot after watching it 10 times straight...(I was bored.). Back to the kitty, wait! No! Not back to the kitty! What spell has this vile creature put me under?!

Once again I am going to try to move on from the cat.
So, I just finished the sequel to The Misadventures of Maude March. It was called Maude March On the Run. It was so good! I'm really happy she wrote that sequel. 

Also, I have been thinking about the phrase "Diamonds are a girls best friend.". It is not true, and is a terrible stereotype. I may be over thinking it...I tend to do that. But I think that when people say that "Diamonds are a girls best friend" it implies that all girls care about is precious stones and looking pretty. Yes, there may be that majority that that IS all they care about. But almost all the girls I know care about horses, and cats, and books, and the outdoors more than diamonds. Ok, now I know I'm over thinking this. But it just came to mind right now...I don't quite know why.

When I was younger, horses were overrated to me. But now I am kind of obsessed, and any chance I get I will ride one. Oh, speaking of horses and riding them. I am so psyched!! In April we are going to a dude ranch. I cannot wait. I kinda want to tell the whole world!! I am just really excited. Come on, can you blame me for being this excited? 

Anywho, I have been reading this really good book. It's the typical wizards and far off lands kinda book. I haven't read one of those in a while. It was a nice break. 

It seems like an abnormally dark night. Like the blackness cannot be penetrated. The sky also looks weird to me. Like nothing is there, you can hardly see it.

Oh! Good news. I have almost mastered "He's a Pirate". I got the entire song, but I am now just working on smoothness and flow. Ooo, speaking of Flo. Is it just me, or do those Progressive commercials (everyone has seen them, right?) with Flo seem better than other commercials? They just seem more commercial-y to me. Even though I do not like commercials. They interrupt.

Well, I think that's enough rambling for one day. :)
See ya later Alligator.
Not for a while Crocodile.
Actually, I'll see ya all tomorrow, 



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