So, today was kind of a quiet day. Ben is making Shepherds Pie for dinner. It's gonna be great!

I have no books to life is a waste!!! I see nothing in store for me now! Oh wait...we are going to the library today. My life is saved!!

Ok, for those of you out there who do not know about my PJO (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) and HoO (Heroes of Olympus) obsession. I just love those books. I am obsessed with Fablehaven and PJO and HoO, and so many other books! Uhg, it kinda stinks, but it also is awesome. I can't believe I have to wait 'till November for The Blood of Olympus...

Oh! I am really excited for tomorrow!! My Aunt Cathy and Cousin Tristan are coming over for the weekend, and it will be AWESOME!! Can't wait...

So, I have an issue...I have the sequel to my novel (which I am not done with) all in my head, ready to be written, but I feel like I should wait 'till I'm done with the first one. (That made sense...right?) But I don't want to lose the thought process!! Arg! What do I doooo??

I am eating this really yummy Tomato Basil soup right now...and I am running out of thoughts.

Seriously though, all I want to do today is eat soup, chocolate, and stay in bed without any thoughts.

And now I am writing pitiful one sentences...

Well, this is becoming just sad.


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  2. I've never had Shepherds Pie. And for some reason I can imagine you making a face that looks sorta like this O_O and then saying "What? You've never had Shepherds Pie?!"

  3. Yep, that's the face I made...
    And Shepard's Pie is amazing!! It's not that hard to make and it's so good!!


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