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So, I have been able to do a ton of writing which feels really good.
I just want to say that I am horrible at math, and I feel about as knowledgeable as a slug right now!

Wait a I just complain to you guys all day? Oh my gosh! I think I do! I am so sorry.

Well, it's official, my sleep schedule has been put into motion. I have woken up around 8:00 for a week straight! Yay! So now every morning, I've been trying to write for 15 minutes extra. See, the time when I'm most productive is at night and early morning. Can you imagine how inconvenient that is? OH!! I would like to declare to the world that I have finished the 8th chapter of my novel. All together, I have 10 chapters.

See, I have this weird quirk where I act out the scenes of my book. So whenever I just start going on a rambling session (I have those, my rambling voice is a British accent. That's also the voice which in I think, it comes almost easier than a regular American accent. ) I just start to act out scenes and then all of a sudden it's like, "That's it! I'm so brilliant!" And then I hunch down and start to write hurriedly like my life depends on it. Sometimes it seems like it does, I don't know why, but writing is just so calming. And if I am getting frustrated or anything like that I just sit down and start to write and it's almost like everything just disappeared.

I talk about writing a lot. I guess it's because it's kinda my life. There is one thing that I dread, yet it would be amazing if my book was made into a movie. I think it would be really cool to have a movie...about my book! But if it was made into a movie, it would be torn apart and left in shreds. Like the characters wouldn't be how I imagined them probably because of focus groups and stuff like that. They wouldn't look right, so many things would be changed. So, would I let people take my book and change it, or do I take the chance that people will be really interested in the books as well and read them?

I am 73 out of 84 on Doctor Who, and on Sherlock I am 14 out of 78. So I caught it right before everybody checked it out...HA!!

My brother and I found an old tv channel and have been able to watch, "I Dream of Jeanie." "Bewitched" "Dennis the Menace" and a couple others. It's been fun watching them.

So a couple weeks ago, I got my brother hooked on this book series called "Fablehaven".
It is one of the best series' in the world! And he likes it too! YAY!!

Well, anywho, so the other night, it snowed, and I went outside, just looked up, and let the flakes fall down on my face. I forgot how quiet the world can be when there is a coating of snow on everything. I just love snow. I am such a kid sometimes, like when I find out it's snowing, I run out and do a snow angel when I'm still in my PJ's. Hehe, I got pretty wet and cold afterwards, but it was worth it!

So speaking of snow and shtuff like that, I still haven't seen Frozen. Just updating so you can share my misery. =)

Life is good. I am feeling really good right now! Like, right after I'me done with this post I'll go write like crazy again today. I can feel it coming on!! Luckily I have a plentiful supply of Lemon tea, 'cuz I think I'll be shut away like a hermit all day ("Bit of a Hermit." "A-a hermit with, uh, friends?" "Hermits United. We meet up every 10 years, swap stories about caves. It's good fun. For a Hermit."). 

Um, that was an excerpt from Doctor Who. Hehe, even though I haven't seen it I know a ton more than I should...
Like, I know so many spoilers!! It's kinda sad really. But at the same time it's like, "Haha! I know something that you don't!"

Wow, this font is really wispy and looks like it's about to blow away! Like sand in a desert wind. Mmm, I'm really in the mood to write right now.

So this post shall come to an end very soon, like!!
Toodlepip! =)


  1. My thought/talking to myself voice is British too! I don't know why, my words just start to change as I talk out loud to myself. I also like to act out parts of my books, in the privacy of my bedroom. ;) Although my favorite thing to do is imagine the climax of my book The War of Prevlion, while listening to the song Saving New York, from The Amazing Spider-Man. That song helps me picture it perfectly!

    That's awesome! Just keep writing, don't look back to often. AKA, don't edit too often. :) When I start editing I get into a loop and it's hard to come out and continue sometimes. ;)

  2. Ok, so I looked up the soundtrack Saving New York (listening to it right now) and it gave me an idea for a scene in my book. That is really inspirational!!


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