Writers Block

I am really excited right now!! I just bought a couple songs off of iTunes that I have wanted for a while. A couple years ago I got a gift card for iTunes, and I still have money left on it.

I found a full movie on Youtube. Really rare that you find a full movie that is not in French, Chinese, or Spanish. The movie was Brother Bear, and it's one of my favorite cartoons. It is just so funny! Actually I'm watching right now.

So I STILL have a case of writers block. And it is driving me NUTS!! I don't know what to do to get rid of it. It is like having shackles clamped around my brain. Argg!

I am hungry, so I am going to end this post a little short. I want to get my posts longer and longer, but today I guess I need to end it soon, because I am soo hungry. Whoa, thinking about it. I have had only an apple all day. And it is 2:34. I better go before I eat the computer. =D