Sunlight Waters

This morning I went into the woods behind our house, it was amazing. Because last night rained, everything still has water on it. But today is sunny so the sunlight is glinting off of the water droplets like...the water was made of pure sunlight glow. Hmm...that gives me an idea for the book I'm writing.

My brother just saw "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty". He said it was a really good movie and now I want to see it SOO bad. Here is a list of movies that I need to see.
1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
3.Thor 2: The Dark World
4.Captain America 2: The Winter Solder

I hope I see them soon!

I have a mild case of Writers Block right now and I haven't written in...3 days!! That is a record for me! I normally write almost everyday, but I guess it's just not flowing.

My dog Finlay is curled up at my feet right now. Oh man, he is adorable. We got him as a surprise 3 years ago. See, our other dog died of...cancer I think. And we had been pestering our Mom and Dad to get a new one, but they kept saying, "Not right now."
So, when we gave up all hope. They came home with a little white puppy, at first we couldn't even see Finlay because my dad was carrying him and he was so tiny!! But his ears were so big!
I am so happy that we got him!!

Oooo, lunch is ready! Peaches and Chicken Noodle soup. Yum...I am really hungry right now. So...I will go and eat my food.