Please Snow!!

So today I was wondering what the weirdest face I could make I started making faces in the mirror. I am so happy that no one was around to see me, because that would have been horrifying.

Ok, have any of you guys heard of Calvin and Hobbes?? It's a comic strip about a 6 yr old kid (Calvin) and his stuffed tiger (Hobbes). I don't know if they run in the newspaper anymore, but I do know that there are books of those comic strips now. If you have never heard of them, then you NEED look into it further. They are just...classic. I got a Calvin and Hobbes book for Christmas, and I am so excited that I did. 

I wish it would snow already! We got a couple days with some snow and then...POOF! It was gone.
Here is a song I have composed just for this blog.

Snow, snow, how I love snow!! 
Snow, snow,How I LOOVE SNOWWW!!!!


A couple months ago, my family went on a camping trip. It was a ton of fun! And it was such an amazing campsite, with a large river, little underground springs bubbling up to a small pool, and tall pines.  Here is the small bubbling opens out into a small pool.

 This is a large rock wall that my brother tried to climb. He actually got really far up there.

 This is the river. It was just so inviting. We ended up swimming in it, and it felt like melted ice. Any colder and it would have been ice.                                                                                                   
Oh, the sun's coming out. It's a pretty nice day today. I think I'll go outside.



  1. That's awesome Vanvan! We love hiking too.

  2. Nice edits to your blog, I like it. It fits you better. ;)

  3. @R. Hiking is pretty awesome!
    @Alina. It was a ton of fun playing around with the different settings and stuff.


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