Whew!! Yesterday was a whirlwind!
It was so busy! First we went on some errands really early, then I had to get home in time to have a video chat with someone. Then after that I had to get some school done and I needed to write. Then I had to make dinner. So yes, busy yesterday.

And we are also busy tonight and tomorrow. See, tonight my sister and my mom are going to the chiropractor and to get my sister's hair cut. Then they are also going to Costco, library, and other places. So, I'm going to be at home with my brother. We are having chicken nuggets and corn. My dad is working late...again.

Then tomorrow my mom is meeting one of her friends for coffee, and my sister is baby sitting. So after my mom comes home she will pick up my brother, and they are both going to rock-climb. Leaving me home alone...WHOHOOO!!!! Crank up the tunes and open a can of peaches!! I know, exciting. Anywho, I can get in some reading, writing, and other shtuff that I have needed to get to. 

Enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you like to eat? What's your favorite color?
Hello? Why aren't you answering back? Oh. That's right. I forgot. It's just...I feel like we are such close friends. You've always been there for me, reading my blog. Thank you..(*sob*) I'm sorry you have to see me like this. I'll get myself together...I promise!

(*sniff*) Today is sunny, I'm glad it's not grey and dismal, but I really wish it would snow. Ahh, there is just something about that fluffy, pure white blanket that covers the ground. I like winter, summer. and the rain. Wow, I want it to be sunny AND snowy, and rainy.

But I better take advantage of the sun and go outside, scouting for a perfect spot for my tree-house. Because I am determined to build one. Ooee, it's gonna be sweet.
Once again I must come to this sad parting moment. Farewell, my faithful readers. Until we meet again! Parting is such sweet sorrow, (feeling kinda Shakespearean right now, but I won't quote the entire play of Basiac and Thisby).


  1. I like eating food and the color blue. ;)

  2. Ahh, good to know that I am not just talking to a computer... :P


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