Off With Her Head!!

I have just returned from a lovely walk with my father. So we walked down to Starbucks, he got a green tea. And I got got a small Caramel latte'. It was a nice treat. On the way over we talked about college and what I want to do when I get older. It was weird for me to think of that. I mean, it seems so far away! But it is slowly creeping up and I shouldn't just flit time away!

Another thing that we were talking about is adding HOW the people died to the obituaries in the newspaper. It would make it more interesting! :P
My father got the idea of talking to the mayor of Lynnwood about appointing him Official Executioner. As well as building a castle, electing me queen, and putting me in that fine castle.

I also want to buy the Island of St Michael's. That would be so cool to be able to buy that island. Hmm, that made me think of Tangled.
It is such a funny movie. Who is my favorite character....? I have no idea. They are all so great!!

Soooo, I really want to see "Saving Mr. Banks.". It said it was based on real events, that would be so cool if Mary Poppins was an actual person that was just...disneyfied a little.

Ooo, disneyfied! That should be an actual word.

Anywho, I would really hate to be King Henry the 8's wife. Ooee, not fun. Unless I was his last wife, then that wouldn't be so bad. See, his last wife outlived him. Hahaha!! Joke's on him!
Can you imagine how much it would stink if you were beheaded? That would not be pleasant. Nope.

Now I am thinking about Toy Story. I think my favorite character is...hmm, I can't choose that either. But in Toy Story 2 my favorite character is Jessie. Toy Story 3? Well, that's hard. It's a mix between Barbie and LotsO.
I like Barbie because she stepped up and jujitsu flipped Ken. Overall, all the movie's are great!

Yet ANOTHER day of awesome writing!!! Excited that I have gotten so much done. Yay!!
Writing a novel is hard work, but at the same time, one of the best things in the world!! Just the feeling of pure accomplishment after writing a ton. Ahh, one of the best feelings ever!

So, life is good. Today I went out into the woods at 9:00. Normally if I go out in the morning its at...11:00. But by then the sun has completely gone up and there is no more...golden glow, I guess.  It is so amazing, with the chilly air coursing through your body like a strong river current. And the dew, still fresh on everything. I love living on the edge of forest. And it's not protected, or a national park or something like that.

Oh, I better go, dinner night. You know, instead of just having to cook once a week, I now have to cook twice. I mean, I don't hate cooking, its just inconvenient. But hey! At least I don't have to cook all week.
Anywho, see ya.


  1. Your right about Catherine Parr, she was a lucky woman. ;-) But then again so was Anne of Cleves, she struck a good deal with Henry considering how much he dislikes her.

    I want to see Saving Mr. Banks too! But probably not till it's out on DVD. Like I mean I won't be able to see it in theaters. :-(

    I cook twice a week to, and yes at times it can be inconvenient. But hey, we gotta eat and someone's gotta make the food. :-)

    Ooo, if you become queen can I be one of your ladies-in-waiting or an advisory? Please, please, please! :-)

  2. I probably won't be able to see it until it's out on DVD either.

    Hmm, I'll consider it... :P

  3. I can't get the music to play!! ):
    And, if I were someone in Her Highness's court, I would be the creepy highly-skilled assassin that she sends to kill annoying people. Bwah-ha-ha-haaa!


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