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Today is the day!!! Oo-de-la-le! I'm excited, I have a bad case of RCS (rollercoaster syndrome) right now.
Ok, breath in, breath out. I am a sane person. :) Much better.

You are probably wondering what all the excitement is about, so today my mom and I are going out together. For errands and a movie. That's why I'm so excited, the movie we are seeing is, (I am doing the Happy Snoopy dance in my head right now) THOR: THE DARK WORLD!! Yes, after months of waiting, I am finally seeing Thor 2. This is a pretty big moment, my brother and sister went to see it with their friends. So they were freaking out when they came home, but would not reveal a thing. It has been driving me crazy!

I think I have found my new favorite songs. They are all so amazing!! Before I wasn't THAT into Celtic music. I mean, I liked it and all. But I wasn't like, "Oh my gosh this music is so amazing! I must listen to it every hour of the day!!" Now though, after a friend revealed this whole new world of music to me, that is what I say. 

So for those of you who want to find more awesome blogs! I can recommend a few. Like, if it doesn't show up as a link you can just copy and past it to your browser.
I personally love reading it, the authors life is so fascinating! :)

Hmm, I am going to go over my life goals right now, I just want to know what I have in store for me.
Lets just start out with everyone knowing that I am home-schooled. I have been all my life. And my mother plans to homeschool through high-school. I want to go to college for either Teaching, Drama (I love acting), or Music. I want to be a writer but I don't want to go to college for writing. I've heard that it will ruin your creativity and teach you to write a certain way and nothing else. So I hope to be a teacher, teaching writing. I can go home at 4:00 or whenever school gets out. And I can spend my evenings writing my world famous novels. Then, during summer time, I can travel around the world. Just like I've always wanted to do. 

I can bet you almost anything that my plan will change as I grow older and see other opportunity. But for now. That's where I want to be, oh, I also want to live along the beach.

Last May while we were on my sisters birthday vacation, (my parents planned a special outing for her and the family) we visited several beaches. My sister loves the ocean almost as much as I do. But one of those beaches was just...breathtaking. One had a HUGE flat rock that reached out over the water and had so many little pits and dips. It was so amazing. We walked over this little pool of water that had so many neon green sea anemones.  I stood on the edge and the sea spray was dampening my hair, and my face was stinging with salty water. It was glorious!! 

Aww man, I just tried to add more songs and I found my playlist empty! Darn, I might have to redo the playlist entirely. So, sorry for the short playlist. I am trying to add more songs, but just a couple technical difficulties. Bear with me on this one. 

I just got an email with the link to Adventures in Odyssey episode: I Slap Floor. It is so funny, and you have to really know the characters to know what is wrong. Even if you don't know the characters, it is still great for a laugh. Ahh, I just love AIO. It is so great, and really funny. I Slap Floor is my favorite episode.
Here is the link:
I hope it works.

Anywho, I need to get ready to go. So,


  1. That's great that you're finally seeing Thor 2! It's so amazing, I liked it a lot. :D


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