Time Flies

Hey all,
So. I haven't been reading as much (that's a big deal for me). We just haven't been swinging by the library for me to be able to pick up books. But, just a couple days ago I was able to get some books.
I thought they looked very interesting, so, I unsuspectingly picked them out and brought them home. Little did I know that very soon I would be the victim of...(dare I say it?)...a really weird book. THE HORROR!
It was all about a girl who went to this world full of talking, giant rodents. It was very odd.

Some books are like that.

There was this other book that I read, it was about this boy who on Thanksgiving Day goes out and tries to buy a turkey for his family. There are no turkeys left so he goes and buys a chicken instead. Except this chicken is alive, and 10 feet tall. On the way home, the boy falls in love with this chicken and saves it from being eaten. In the end he builds it a playground with a small house so it can live in the city. It was just bizarre.

On a more sane note, I was walking through Costco yesterday and saw that there were little pink and purple hearts in the card section. And heart shaped Chocolate was half off. Valentines day ALREADY?! It was JUST Christmas! In the blink of an eye we will be seeing Christmas decorations again. Just think how time went by sooo slooowwwllyyy when you were a kid. But know it seems like you wake up and a week's gone by! When I was a lot younger I thought that each season was a year.

Speaking of Seasons, I am so excited for April. We are going on a big vacation!! To a ranch in Arkansas, it has pretty much everything. And it isn't THAT expensive, it has meals included too!
So awesome!

We still have Christmas decorations up. We should take them down.