Doctor Who and Warm Blankets

Sorry I haven't written for a couple's been pretty busy.

Good news, my writers block slowly ebbed away and last night I was able to work on the novel I am writing. Hurray!!
I love writing, it is just such a great feeling to be able to have your fingers fly over the keyboard.
Like, you can't be stopped.

We have these stars in our living room that we haven't taken down yet. They aren't from Christmas...oh no, they are from my sisters B-day...3 years ago. They are now old and smudged. And some have fallen off of the ceiling. But no matter, we still keep them up.

I't's really strange, there was this one day not too long ago, it was raining pretty hard. When I went outside and walked around in the woods behind our house. (Dun-dun-dun) Pretty much nothing was wet. And yet, it had been raining all day.

Wow, this blanket is really warm. This blanket is a chocolate  brown, fleece, cloud. Filled with warmth and happiness. So warm...

It is pretty early right now, a bit too early to wake up. But here I am, typing. Normally it's ealy for me to wake up at 8:00. But 3 days ago I woke up at...7:20. And 2
 days ago I woke up at 7:20...again! And last night I woke up at...(Can you guess?) 7:14!!!
So as you can imagine, I am a sleep deprived zombie.

(*Yawn, shut eyes, open eyes. Rub eyes.*)

I have watched...the VERY first episode. Of Doctor Who. I hope I can find more. Because I need more.
Right now.
Yes, this is a monumental time for all Whovians, (not the kind in the Grinch) they have pulled in yet another victim. There diabolical plan is working! To convert the whole world into Doctor Who fans...and take over the world. It's really a good idea actually, (I don't know why I didn't think of it before.) a brilliant plan!

Hmm, I'm hungry. And thirsty. "And this car smells weird."
Sorry, I am not in a car right now. But I am hungry. By the way that was Riley saying National Treasure. I love that well as the second one, they are both awesome and we own both of them!! It's like owning a solid gold mine. Well, actually...the gold mine would be way better. It's a lot more valuable then a movie. So I think I'll just take the gold mine instead. Yep, rather have a gold mine.

I don't know why but mom is making pancakes. We don't have pancakes offen. So it's strange that out of the blue my mom says, "I'm going to make pancakes and we are going to play a game during breakfast!"
(I just read that back to myself in a really high-pitched voice.) So I am wondering what is going on.

My dog is the cutest thing in the world. He was pretty much passed out on the grass. It was so funny.
                                                                              He is so cute...but he looks kind of dead. Even though he's not.
Anywho, breakfast is ready. 


  1. That feeling when your writers block vanishes... you have it. ;)

    Yay, you're a Whovian! This is great, really great!

    You know what a great thing to say about joining the Doctor Who fandom is? "I didn't choose the fandom life, it grabbed my hand and whispered 'run'."

    "Hi Rose, I'm the Doctor. Now run for your life!" ~Ninth Doctor

  2. What's your dog's name? He's so adorable!

  3. His name is Finlay. It means White Warrior in Scottish. He is a scottish breed so we thought it would be perfect. :D


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