Banana Ice Cream

 Wow, yesterday was just so much fun!! I went to Olympia and saw a friend. She lives just a couple blocks away from a beach. So we went on a walk to the beach and found some really cool shells!! Unfortunately we weren't able to keep any of them.

Um, I am really feeling unproductive today. I just...uhg. I don't know.
Anywho. I say that a lot, why do I say that?

My parents are painting their bedroom. They finally decided to get a new bed, so then they also decided to paint.
A couple years ago they peeled all the HIDEOUS wallpaper off the walls, and just now they are painting it.
It's funny to me that it took them 3 years.

Well, we made this banana ice cream, and it was so good!! I added chocolate chips and coconut flakes.

I actually have to go, once again a short post. Uhg.


  1. What? No traditional toodlepip? at the end of the post? :P

  2. Hehe, just for you I'll add it twice to the next post. Just to satisfy your Toodlepip need. :D


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