Friday, January 31, 2014

Walking All Day

Sooo, I saw Thor 2...IT WAS AWESOME!!! Aw man, it was just so cool!

Mmm, mom is making mashed cauliflower. It is slowly becoming my favorite dish. good. It is a lot healthier too.  

So, I have decided to start planning for NaNoWrimo already. This is the first year that I will be doing it and I want to be prepared. Not rushing at the last minute. So I came up with the plot yesterday, and I am slowly working out the details...

Anywho, most of the day was me walking. So I went on a walk earlier in the day. Then I went on a SUPER long walk trying to wear out my dog, Finlay. Then after that my sister wanted to go on a walk with me. And THEN, after all that! I went into the woods and went all over AGAIN. So needless to say, I am pretty tired out from walking...hmm, and that would be...and then add, 4 miles. But it seemed a whole lot now I feel pretty pathetic because I thought it was going to turn out to be 10 miles.

I got a Caramel Frapp'  this morning because we were meeting with some friends at Starbucks. It was fun, we played some games. Went for a short walk, talked.
Yup, so then I went home and had a bananananananana. Hows that for a mouthful? Hahaha!! See what I did there? See, I ate a banana, which made my mouth full, but at the same time I made the word banana super long so it was...never mind. It's not funny when I have to explain it. But I still did, so its not funny anymore.

I'm kinda tired, and the sweatpants and fuzzy socks aren't helping...*yawn*'s only 9:14 so I am pretty surprised that I am tired right now. Normally I look out at the sky and start whining to my sister, "The sky's awake, so I'm awake! So we have'ta play!"
I still haven't seen Frozen by the way...

I am really craving ice cream right now.

Well, I am really wanting to swim right now. Just plunge into the icy, clear liquid. Dive beneath the waves and watch the sun penetrate the surface.

Oh, I added more music to my blog, and I love all of it!! Thank you composers for making such beautiful music.

Well, I am kind of  into that stage of hyper sleepiness. Where you don't feel tired, but start acting loopy and laughing at everything. So, I better go.

See ya all tomorrow, in another new and sunny day.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Life Goals

Today is the day!!! Oo-de-la-le! I'm excited, I have a bad case of RCS (rollercoaster syndrome) right now.
Ok, breath in, breath out. I am a sane person. :) Much better.

You are probably wondering what all the excitement is about, so today my mom and I are going out together. For errands and a movie. That's why I'm so excited, the movie we are seeing is, (I am doing the Happy Snoopy dance in my head right now) THOR: THE DARK WORLD!! Yes, after months of waiting, I am finally seeing Thor 2. This is a pretty big moment, my brother and sister went to see it with their friends. So they were freaking out when they came home, but would not reveal a thing. It has been driving me crazy!

I think I have found my new favorite songs. They are all so amazing!! Before I wasn't THAT into Celtic music. I mean, I liked it and all. But I wasn't like, "Oh my gosh this music is so amazing! I must listen to it every hour of the day!!" Now though, after a friend revealed this whole new world of music to me, that is what I say. 

So for those of you who want to find more awesome blogs! I can recommend a few. Like, if it doesn't show up as a link you can just copy and past it to your browser.
I personally love reading it, the authors life is so fascinating! :)

Hmm, I am going to go over my life goals right now, I just want to know what I have in store for me.
Lets just start out with everyone knowing that I am home-schooled. I have been all my life. And my mother plans to homeschool through high-school. I want to go to college for either Teaching, Drama (I love acting), or Music. I want to be a writer but I don't want to go to college for writing. I've heard that it will ruin your creativity and teach you to write a certain way and nothing else. So I hope to be a teacher, teaching writing. I can go home at 4:00 or whenever school gets out. And I can spend my evenings writing my world famous novels. Then, during summer time, I can travel around the world. Just like I've always wanted to do. 

I can bet you almost anything that my plan will change as I grow older and see other opportunity. But for now. That's where I want to be, oh, I also want to live along the beach.

Last May while we were on my sisters birthday vacation, (my parents planned a special outing for her and the family) we visited several beaches. My sister loves the ocean almost as much as I do. But one of those beaches was just...breathtaking. One had a HUGE flat rock that reached out over the water and had so many little pits and dips. It was so amazing. We walked over this little pool of water that had so many neon green sea anemones.  I stood on the edge and the sea spray was dampening my hair, and my face was stinging with salty water. It was glorious!! 

Aww man, I just tried to add more songs and I found my playlist empty! Darn, I might have to redo the playlist entirely. So, sorry for the short playlist. I am trying to add more songs, but just a couple technical difficulties. Bear with me on this one. 

I just got an email with the link to Adventures in Odyssey episode: I Slap Floor. It is so funny, and you have to really know the characters to know what is wrong. Even if you don't know the characters, it is still great for a laugh. Ahh, I just love AIO. It is so great, and really funny. I Slap Floor is my favorite episode.
Here is the link:
I hope it works.

Anywho, I need to get ready to go. So,

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Peanut Butter Cookies!

So, yesterday rained pretty hard.  It was glorious, just standing in the gusts of wind and the pelting rain. I love the rain, and the fog.

I am really excited!! Why you ask? That is a great question. My sister just made some coconut yummy cookies. They are gluten free, and sugar free. So that makes them guilt free! And they are so good!! I hope she makes more soon. Actually, hmm, I've been thinking (a dangerous notion), I know. The wheels in my head have been turning, I should make those cookies my self!! Haha!!! I shall rule the world with cookies!!

So, I have officially become a Whovian! Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. 
 Even though I have only seen one episode, it was awesome!! I really can't wait to get the entire thing!

I also checked out Sherlock, so pretty soon I shall be a...what would you call it? A Sherlockian? That doesn't sound right. So I guess I'll just stick with, part of the Sherlock fandom. 

I am really excited, I just found a long lost series that I absolutely love! But I haven't read them in a long time, (I couldn't remember the name of them before) so they might not be as good as I remember...
I hope they're still that good.

So my mom has been trying to get us to eat healthier. My sister has decided to go off sugar completely. My sister is just eating cucumber, cucumber isn't that bad, but when you have it non-stop it can get old.
So my favorite nut used to be the peanut, but then I found out I was allergic to peanuts. You can't imagine my devastation!! No more trail-mix with peanuts. No more peanut butter. No more peanut butter COOKIES!! But just between you and me, whenever my brother makes peanut butter cookies...I have one or two. Yes, I know, shame on me. Don't judge, I'm desperate!!

Today I went out to my perfect tree house spot and found it...ruined. A rotten tree fell on it and now it's ruined. The log is HUGE and I can't move it. So, back to looking...again. The first time I started looking and found the perfect spot it was out of the range that the owners let us go around on. So I couldn't start building there. And now a log falls on the perfect spot. Well, I guess I will be scouring the woods again.

Ooo, pizza tonight!! I love my moms pizza. She makes her own crust and adds these grains, it ends up being very thick and hearty and filling. Mmmm, I can taste it already...
I can't wait for dinner now.

Do you guys know how hard it is to get all these ages right? So in the book I'm writing all these people are related. So I can't just do a random age...I have to make sure that the time line makes sense and everybody's back-stories are just right to involve each person. It is pretty tedious. But really fun, it is so cool gauging each persons accurate ages.

Yep, and that about does it for today folks!
Until tomorrow!!

Dree yer an wier (that means Face Your Destiny in Gaelic, I love Gaelic!!) 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Full Bookshelf

Have I ever mentioned I love Gaelic? I don't think I have. Well, I do.

Anywho, so, I am really excited. I got up at 8:00 AGAIN!!! I hope this becomes a pattern. I really do like waking up early. But I also like my bed. My bed is so comfy and warm, and it has the best pillows and blankets and...*yawn*. Great, now I'm sleepy.

I share a room with my sister, and we have bunk bed, since I am the youngest I got the top. I put up a bunch of glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. So now at night, I can see everything pretty clearly because of the light from the stars. I am also getting googly eyes to put on everything.

I don't know why googly eyes are so fun...OH!! How could I almost forget to not forget? I have just ordered a couple books that I love. Ok, so the first one that I have ordered is, (drumroll please) The Mark of Athena!! It is the 3rd book in the Heroes of Olympus series. I already have the first 2. I am also getting the last 2 books in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. See, I already have the first 3. I am slowly accumulating more and more books. I've almost filled my bookshelf already. Pretty soon I'll have my own personal library!! Like this one!

                                                                            Every wall just FILLED with my favorite books and topics...and old books too. I love the smell of old books!! As well as a section with blank books that you can fall into and go to any world.  That would be so awesome!! 

Now I really want to go the library and get more books. I have no books to read right now, and I am starting to go into withdrawal!! 

My mom makes the best bean soup. She adds these little grain thingies that are like noodles...but not. She has to be some kind of soup expert. Hmm, she's always a little vague as to what she went to college for. I bet she went to college for soup making skills!! Yes, that has to be it.

I have so many piano projects that I have not finished. After I'm done with He's a Pirate I should finish them.
Lets see, I haven't completed Counting Stars. Or A Thousand Years...hmm, maybe I should that! :P
So I am off to work on He's a Pirate!!

Monday, January 27, 2014


So, I was on a friends blog, and I saw that she put music on her blog. I thought it was a good idea and I am thinking about putting music to my blog. What do ya'll think? Should I?

So today hasn't been as productive as I would like. But this morning I got all my have-to stuff done before 12:00. That's pretty good for me. I normally get all my have-to stuff done around 1:00. And, (here's the shocker..) I GOT UP AT...(pause for effect)...8:00!! That is a huge deal! I normally get up around...9:00. It was a great feeling to be able to start on the day an hour earlier.

So, I found the perfect spot for my tree house. Now I just need to start getting materials. Like wood, and nails, and other stuff. Gosh, I hope it doesn't cost too much. Otherwise I might not be able to do it.

Wow, I really don't know what to say! This happens a lot to me doesn't it...yep, it does. Arrgg. I wish it didn't, then I could dazzle you all with my long, witty posts. But I can't.

I have rediscovered the world of Veggie Tales. Some of you out there might shake your head and say, "She is too old for Veggie Tales, she needs to grow up." Well, to you I say HA!! And no. I will not be "too old" for Veggie Tales. I may grow old, but I will never grow up. I mean, what's the fun in that?

Can you imagine if we all were just mature and prim and proper? Nobody would have fun. Unless we played a splendid game of croquet. Which then I would start a game of people whack-a-mole. So I would be the only one having fun. That sounds like a good idea. Ok, everybody! Listen up! Become extremely stiff and proper!! And then host a garden party with me invited...(hehe, they have no idea..hehe).
That is my plan of world domination! Sort of, wait a sec. How would that work? (Muttermuttermutter, if I put that muttermuttermutter). Hmm, never mind. I will not be taking over the world. Sorry for the false alarm.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.......why was that so fun to do? I don't know...but I shall do it again! I can just hear the people screaming through the screen, "NOOO!! Not again!" I guess I won't.
But I really don't have anything better to do. Actully, yes I do. I can actully type instead of just pressing the o button over and over. Yes, so I am typing...about nothing.
I should probably go,

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Off With Her Head!!

I have just returned from a lovely walk with my father. So we walked down to Starbucks, he got a green tea. And I got got a small Caramel latte'. It was a nice treat. On the way over we talked about college and what I want to do when I get older. It was weird for me to think of that. I mean, it seems so far away! But it is slowly creeping up and I shouldn't just flit time away!

Another thing that we were talking about is adding HOW the people died to the obituaries in the newspaper. It would make it more interesting! :P
My father got the idea of talking to the mayor of Lynnwood about appointing him Official Executioner. As well as building a castle, electing me queen, and putting me in that fine castle.

I also want to buy the Island of St Michael's. That would be so cool to be able to buy that island. Hmm, that made me think of Tangled.
It is such a funny movie. Who is my favorite character....? I have no idea. They are all so great!!

Soooo, I really want to see "Saving Mr. Banks.". It said it was based on real events, that would be so cool if Mary Poppins was an actual person that was just...disneyfied a little.

Ooo, disneyfied! That should be an actual word.

Anywho, I would really hate to be King Henry the 8's wife. Ooee, not fun. Unless I was his last wife, then that wouldn't be so bad. See, his last wife outlived him. Hahaha!! Joke's on him!
Can you imagine how much it would stink if you were beheaded? That would not be pleasant. Nope.

Now I am thinking about Toy Story. I think my favorite character is...hmm, I can't choose that either. But in Toy Story 2 my favorite character is Jessie. Toy Story 3? Well, that's hard. It's a mix between Barbie and LotsO.
I like Barbie because she stepped up and jujitsu flipped Ken. Overall, all the movie's are great!

Yet ANOTHER day of awesome writing!!! Excited that I have gotten so much done. Yay!!
Writing a novel is hard work, but at the same time, one of the best things in the world!! Just the feeling of pure accomplishment after writing a ton. Ahh, one of the best feelings ever!

So, life is good. Today I went out into the woods at 9:00. Normally if I go out in the morning its at...11:00. But by then the sun has completely gone up and there is no more...golden glow, I guess.  It is so amazing, with the chilly air coursing through your body like a strong river current. And the dew, still fresh on everything. I love living on the edge of forest. And it's not protected, or a national park or something like that.

Oh, I better go, dinner night. You know, instead of just having to cook once a week, I now have to cook twice. I mean, I don't hate cooking, its just inconvenient. But hey! At least I don't have to cook all week.
Anywho, see ya.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


I am really excited!! Why you ask? Well, nothing monumental happened to me today. But I just wanted to celebrate a 50th post!! See, a friend of mine blogs too. And today she reached her 50th post. So I just wanted to say:


You have passed a crucial point in the development of your bloghood. Kneel. I dub thee Lady Knight of the Blogspot realm. You may rise great pioneer. We thank you for um...reaching 50 posts. I have composed a song for this occasion,

Just keep posting,
just keep posting, posting, posting.
What do we do? We poooost.

And there we have it. The end of my celebratory post.
And may you see your 100th.
All the best wishes.

Writing, Cheeseburgers, and PUPPIES!!!

Today is a writing day. I try to write every day but today is just...WRITING! Completely just writing. So far I have been writing since 11:15 and just now took a break for lunch. Hmm, I have had, like...8 cups of tea. I made a sign to put up on my door. It says:

WARNING: This zone is occupied by an addicted tea drinker and writer.
                                Knock at your own risk.

Yep, I have been writing a lot!! I had chicken noodle soup for lunch and I am drinking Lemon tea non-stop!
I don't know what else to say right now since all I've done is write. Um, well, hi all.

I recently found an old Veggie Tales CD and I have been listening to it. There is this one song that I didn't remember, it's a love song. I know what you're thinking. A love song? From Veggie Tales? Well, the lyrics are this. 
He said to her I'd like a cheeseburger,
And I might like a milkshake as well.
She said to him I can't give you either,
And he said isn't this Burger Bell.
She said yes it is but we're closed now, but we open tomorrow at ten.
He said I am extremely hungry, but I guess I can wait until then!!!!
Cause you're his cheeseburger, his yummy cheeseburger, he'll wait for you, oh, he'll wait for you....

I think you get the idea... :)
There's another one that has to be sung in a really loud, obnoxious voice.
Here it is:
Puppies, puppies, bouncy happy puppies.
Puppies, puppies, I loooove.
Puppies, puppies, they're never nasty or meeeean,
I'd give a home to all the lost puppies, if ever one day I were QUEEEEEENNNNN!!! Nice puppies.

Yep, really silly, but a lot of memory's in those lyrics. One time my sister and I were seeing who could sing those lyrics the most obnoxiously. It was fun.

Hmm, I had better go, I need to write more. You all can understand, can't you?
See ya tomorrow!!

P.S. Behold, I am smiling! :) :) :) :) :) 

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Whew!! Yesterday was a whirlwind!
It was so busy! First we went on some errands really early, then I had to get home in time to have a video chat with someone. Then after that I had to get some school done and I needed to write. Then I had to make dinner. So yes, busy yesterday.

And we are also busy tonight and tomorrow. See, tonight my sister and my mom are going to the chiropractor and to get my sister's hair cut. Then they are also going to Costco, library, and other places. So, I'm going to be at home with my brother. We are having chicken nuggets and corn. My dad is working late...again.

Then tomorrow my mom is meeting one of her friends for coffee, and my sister is baby sitting. So after my mom comes home she will pick up my brother, and they are both going to rock-climb. Leaving me home alone...WHOHOOO!!!! Crank up the tunes and open a can of peaches!! I know, exciting. Anywho, I can get in some reading, writing, and other shtuff that I have needed to get to. 

Enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you like to eat? What's your favorite color?
Hello? Why aren't you answering back? Oh. That's right. I forgot. It's just...I feel like we are such close friends. You've always been there for me, reading my blog. Thank you..(*sob*) I'm sorry you have to see me like this. I'll get myself together...I promise!

(*sniff*) Today is sunny, I'm glad it's not grey and dismal, but I really wish it would snow. Ahh, there is just something about that fluffy, pure white blanket that covers the ground. I like winter, summer. and the rain. Wow, I want it to be sunny AND snowy, and rainy.

But I better take advantage of the sun and go outside, scouting for a perfect spot for my tree-house. Because I am determined to build one. Ooee, it's gonna be sweet.
Once again I must come to this sad parting moment. Farewell, my faithful readers. Until we meet again! Parting is such sweet sorrow, (feeling kinda Shakespearean right now, but I won't quote the entire play of Basiac and Thisby).

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


SOMEBODY COMMENTED ON MY FISHIES!!!!!! Sorry, I'm getting attached to them, I should stop talking about them.

Um, so I got the new charger. Then I found my old one, just like I said would happen. So I'm going to see if I can take the new one back. It was $15 dollars. I don't want to just spend that kind of money and not try to get it back. :)

So, I STILL have not seen Frozen. Just thought I'd give you guys an update.

What's going on with my life?? Um, it's kinda slow right now.
So, I am just going to start rambling. 
Hi, mynameisBob, notreallybutsinceIamramblingitis, sosallysoldseashellsbytheseashore,andpeterthepiperpickedapeckofpickledpeppers.
If you understood that then you, my friend, have a wonderful mind. Even though every-one probably understood that.

Anywho, I hope that we are able to go back to this beach. It was in Canada I think so we might be able to go on a weekend trip there. Ooo, that would be really fun.

Well, once again I have nothing to say...

I'm about to go play chess with my brother...even though he always wins. I still like playing with him though. Even though he always wins, (you can tell I'm not bothered by this, not one bit.).

I really do have to go...again.
Signing off, (and since you seem to need the Toodlepip, it is. :)

Monday, January 20, 2014


So, I had a little free time last night, and I made up a back story for my it is, (I really like it).

Red Fish: Larry (Goldie's Husband and Larry Jr.'s Dad)
Blue Fish: Kira (She's an Orphan...)
Green Fish: Lola (Diana's Mother)
Yellow Fish: Goldie (Larry's Wife, and Larry Jr.'s Mother.)
Orange Fish: Diana (She's Lola's daughter)
White Fish: Moby (He speaks whale, Hehe, see what I did there?)
Black Fish: Harley (He was in a Hawaiian Fish Gang once..that's how he got a scar across his left eye.)
Red Fish: Larry Jr. (I think you know what's what with him.)

So there it fish story. :)
Hmm, I might start a comic about them...nah. I don't have the time. I am trying to juggle all my novels, learning the piano, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

It's such a pretty day!! The sky is blue, the birds are singing, and the grass is green and lush (because my brother has not yet mowed it...he needs to do that).

I am about to go on a walk with my sister. We are walking up to Walmart to buy a new charger for my Ipod. It's $15 bucks, and I wish that I didn't have to buy it. But without it, my Ipod is useless.
See, a couple weeks ago, I lost my charger and have been searching for it frantically. Just as soon as I buy a new charger, I'll find my old one. But if I don't buy a new one, then I will never find it. It's a lose/lose situation. My birthday isn't close, and Christmas isn't I have to buy it myself.

Anywho, I do really need to go. Beth is telling me she'll leave without me if I don't hurry up. I have been on here a while, doing other stuff too. So, I am very sad to say,
Toodlepip (And just for you Alina :) )

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Banana Ice Cream

 Wow, yesterday was just so much fun!! I went to Olympia and saw a friend. She lives just a couple blocks away from a beach. So we went on a walk to the beach and found some really cool shells!! Unfortunately we weren't able to keep any of them.

Um, I am really feeling unproductive today. I just...uhg. I don't know.
Anywho. I say that a lot, why do I say that?

My parents are painting their bedroom. They finally decided to get a new bed, so then they also decided to paint.
A couple years ago they peeled all the HIDEOUS wallpaper off the walls, and just now they are painting it.
It's funny to me that it took them 3 years.

Well, we made this banana ice cream, and it was so good!! I added chocolate chips and coconut flakes.

I actually have to go, once again a short post. Uhg.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Tomorrow's the big day!
I am going over to Olympia to see a friend that I have not seen in FOREVER!! Um, she recently moved and I have not yet seen her new house. 
So, I am really excited for that.

Oh!!! My dad's home!! He normally works late. But it is...(let me check)...2:47 and he is HOME!!! 

This morning I had an anxiety attack. I felt like a chihuahua, shaking and crying. I seriously could not stop crying. Even though there was nothing for me to be crying over. I feel so silly about it all now.

You guys have heard of Wreck-it-Ralph. Right? Well anywho, my brother hasn't seen it yet. 
Ok, instead of trying to explain without giving the backstory and sounding completely confusing. I am going to just tell you the backstory.
So, it's my sisters birthday, and she is at a friends house. I set up a HUGE mound of just pillows and blankets and sleeping bags. I make 2 really big, cushy beds, side by side, in front of the tv. Then I go to Walmart and get some Stuffed Oreo's (her favorite). And some Whoppers and Junior Mints. Then I get Wreck-it-Ralph from Redbox. When she get's home, (a bit before dinner time) she just goes around and doesn't notice the HUGE beds downstairs. AFTER dinner, my brother says, "So Bethany. What do you think of Ev's present to you?" In my mind I am screaming, "NO!!!!! NOT YET!!!" And so she looks around trying to see my present, then her eyes rest on the whole set up. Fast forward...2 hours. We have just popped in Wreck-it-Ralph and are watching it. We hear this sound behind us and tentatively look behind the couch. It is my brother, he is trying to watch the movie with us...without us knowing.
So we send him back upstairs with the promise to rewatch it the next morning. My mother did not know of the exchange between Ben, and us girls. So she returns Wreck-it-Ralph the next morning, and we had no idea that she was (returning it). So my brother never got to see Wreck-it-Ralph. Now, a year later. We are finally going to see it with him. It's a funny movie.

I must not forget, I must not forget. That might sound weird me saying that. My mother thinks that I will forget to do a task that she asked me to do if I finish this post first. So, I am reminding myself on this post. Pretty clever, huh? I want to do the emoticon of the smiley face with sunglasses. But I don't know how to get it on here 'cuz it doesn't give it as an option. Hm, I wish it did. Then I would have tons of smiley face guys with sunglasses. I love those ones, as well as the little green ones. Ooo, and the frog one is awesome too.

Mmm, this soup is really good. It is a Tomato Basil soup...from Costco. I like soup...a lot! My favorite is the classic Chicken Noodle Soup w/Rice.
Now I'm hungry again. Oh, my mom just said something something...chocolate. Now I want chocolate.

I have to get up really early tomorrow since I live in Lynnwood and we are driving to Olympia. I am getting up at...7:30. I think. That's pretty early for me. 

See ya all...Sat.*

(*I will be gone all day tomorrow and will not be home in time to post.)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I am really looking forward to summer, don't get me wrong, I love winter. But I am really excited for Summer. Like most kids, I want it to be warm and sunny. I mean, look at this picture, doesn't it just make you want to go roll in the grass and play with the wild foxes!                                                                            So pretty.

I have been thinking...(shocking, I know), that maybe I should combine two stories that I am writing. I think they would go well together...ya, I think I'll do that.

Just in case you all didn't know I am working on a couple novels right now.
The first one, and the most developed, is The Mirror.
The second, is The Stone Shadow. My mystery.
3rd is the Ravenhill's Academy for the Criminally Insane, Deranged, or Magically Gifted. That's the one I am thinking of joining with "The Eyes that See." That one is about a girl who finds out that she holds a strange power inside of her. She is a seer.
4th is a story called, "War."

As you can see, I have quite a few books to write. Oh, not to mention the sequel and prequel that I have thought up for The Mirror.
I also found a board on Pinterest that has a whole bunch of useful stuff that I can use. Like this list of words,

Those are some words that I have fallen in love with. They all are If you know what I mean then you will agree with me, but if you don't then you will think that I am crazy! Which I am...

I love writing, I plan to have my first book published by the time I am 18...or younger. But that is probably just the crazy talkin'. I don't know.

So I have made a  HUGE  amount of progress on the song, "He's a Pirate" on the piano. So I am pretty excited for that! It has just been the process of playing it over and over and over and over...and over. To get it to stick.
Lets see, I know how to play Kate's Theme from Nancy Drew, The Silent Spy* (PC game).
Um, A Thousand Years by Christina Perry.
And part of Counting Stars by Onerepublic.
*(I have never actually played this game but have heard nothing but good things about it.)

My brother has this big surprise he wants me to go look at. So I better go,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Who is Jack?

I'm back Jack!
Who is Jack?? And why do people say that? It's like saying, "He's the spittin' image." What's that about? And shouldn't they call the show Survivor ONLY if some of them don't?
Ahh, the great mysteries of life...

I am really in the mood to go to the beach...
I just love the Oregon coast. I don't know why, but I like a stormy sea better than a calm one. We have a family reunion every year there and it is amazing. I love my family, and the sea. I have slowly become more and more obsessed with the sea.

I am really excited to get the Doctor Who...but I am 91 on the hold list. Can I wait that long?? I don't think that I can...I'm going to explode first...and that will NOT be a pretty sight.

2 months ago I submitted a poem into a contest, well, yesterday I found out that I am a semi-finalist and I am having my poem published. Kind of really excited right now. Oh, if I win I get a prize of $2000 dollars. I hope I win.

I love posting, and I really like reading other blogs. Some of my favorite blogs to read are  and They are both so awesome.
I can't believe that I didn't start blogging sooner. Its a whole new world!!

So I have decided to build a tree house...this summer. I just really want a tree house, I mean, you see the tree houses that are just so awesome...I want one of those. I will probably have one that is just a platform and really lame. But hey, I can wish. My brother said that he'd help me this summer with a tree house so that will be good. Then I won't hammer off my thumb or something like that.

I would write longer but I have to go...sorry. I have been doing really short posts lately. I will have to make up for it.
But for now I have to go,

Monday, January 13, 2014

The End

I am feeling weird today...not like crazy weird, but I am feeling out of the ordinary...for me. My head has been throbbing all day, and my neck is seriously sore from...something, I don't know why. I'm kind of tired and just...uhg.

Enough dismal stuff. Let's talk about something good. Well, I have started yet ANOTHER novel. Lets see, that makes....hmm, 5 I think. Yes, 5.
I just found out that one of my favorite authors doesn't live too far away from me. I really want to meet him. He lives in Shoreline, and his name is Jeffrey Overstreet. Amazing writer!

I have to make dinner tonight. I am making hamburgers. I bet my brother will be excited for dinner once he knows that that's what we are having...he really likes hamburgers. Then again, what person doesn't?
Hmm, I like food. Food is good. I'm surprised that I don't weigh a thousand pounds by now. I'm not complaining...just surprised.

Have I ever mentioned my love of reading? I think I have. But I just finished yet another book that was recomended by a friend. It was called, The Sign of the Beaver. It's a good book. I actually  think that I own it and just forgot, because the cover is super familiar. I don't know.

I found out that I like the forest best at dusk. There is still light, but it is dark enough to be exhilarating.

I didn't really have a lot to talk's been a little boring. So...hi. How are you doing? I'm doing just great...
That's all I got.
The End

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Books and Tickets

Hey all,

I am so excited. My Aunt and Uncle got TICKETS!!! (To the Seahawks game on Sat.) It was so cool, they are hard core fans and were just so psyched when they got the tickets. Afterwards, they came over. (We don't see them a lot 'cuz they live in Astoria) We talked and had chips,salsa, and bean dip. It was such a blast!! They gave us Seahawks bracelets and showed us the autographs that they got. So cool!

Oh man, I really want to travel when I get older. I want to travel all over the world!! Especially to the less traveled places, I don't want to go to the tourist attractions...blech, no. I want to see how they live and what they do for fun! Just explore and get lost.

So I checked out the entire first season of Doctor Who from my library. Um, there are 93 other requests, so I doubt that I will be watching it soon. I have this one friend, (you know who you are) she always is saying how great Doctor Who is. One day she finally got to me. :D

A couple weeks ago I found this really cool, old looking bookshelf. So I got it. We just finished repainting it from an odd gross looking beige, to a nice, antique blue. I am slowly filling up the shelves with my favorite series EVER, a Calvin and Hobbes book (thank you!), and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Hmm, I just love my life. It is so great! I have a wonderful savior, a wonderful family, and GREAT friends. In the woods behind our house I have this spot, it is so gorgeous. There is this little creek and a HUGE fallen tree that is COVERED in moss. I like to lay down on the falled tree and just gaze up at the sky. It's so peaceful and quiet. Perfect for thinking and praying and just...watching the forest and the life teeming within. So, that explains the comment, "I just love my life."

I have just finished an AMAZING book. A friend recommended it to me. "The Misadventures of Maude March." It was such a cool story! I am about to read, "Sing Down the Moon." Um, "The Sign of the Beaver." And a couple others. I can't wait!
There is this one book, it is such an amazing true story. It's called, "The Family That Nobody Wanted." Amazing story. I think I have read it, like, 50 million times.

See ya all tomorrow,

Friday, January 10, 2014

Doctor Who and Warm Blankets

Sorry I haven't written for a couple's been pretty busy.

Good news, my writers block slowly ebbed away and last night I was able to work on the novel I am writing. Hurray!!
I love writing, it is just such a great feeling to be able to have your fingers fly over the keyboard.
Like, you can't be stopped.

We have these stars in our living room that we haven't taken down yet. They aren't from Christmas...oh no, they are from my sisters B-day...3 years ago. They are now old and smudged. And some have fallen off of the ceiling. But no matter, we still keep them up.

I't's really strange, there was this one day not too long ago, it was raining pretty hard. When I went outside and walked around in the woods behind our house. (Dun-dun-dun) Pretty much nothing was wet. And yet, it had been raining all day.

Wow, this blanket is really warm. This blanket is a chocolate  brown, fleece, cloud. Filled with warmth and happiness. So warm...

It is pretty early right now, a bit too early to wake up. But here I am, typing. Normally it's ealy for me to wake up at 8:00. But 3 days ago I woke up at...7:20. And 2
 days ago I woke up at 7:20...again! And last night I woke up at...(Can you guess?) 7:14!!!
So as you can imagine, I am a sleep deprived zombie.

(*Yawn, shut eyes, open eyes. Rub eyes.*)

I have watched...the VERY first episode. Of Doctor Who. I hope I can find more. Because I need more.
Right now.
Yes, this is a monumental time for all Whovians, (not the kind in the Grinch) they have pulled in yet another victim. There diabolical plan is working! To convert the whole world into Doctor Who fans...and take over the world. It's really a good idea actually, (I don't know why I didn't think of it before.) a brilliant plan!

Hmm, I'm hungry. And thirsty. "And this car smells weird."
Sorry, I am not in a car right now. But I am hungry. By the way that was Riley saying National Treasure. I love that well as the second one, they are both awesome and we own both of them!! It's like owning a solid gold mine. Well, actually...the gold mine would be way better. It's a lot more valuable then a movie. So I think I'll just take the gold mine instead. Yep, rather have a gold mine.

I don't know why but mom is making pancakes. We don't have pancakes offen. So it's strange that out of the blue my mom says, "I'm going to make pancakes and we are going to play a game during breakfast!"
(I just read that back to myself in a really high-pitched voice.) So I am wondering what is going on.

My dog is the cutest thing in the world. He was pretty much passed out on the grass. It was so funny.
                                                                              He is so cute...but he looks kind of dead. Even though he's not.
Anywho, breakfast is ready. 

Monday, January 6, 2014


So, I am posting twice in one day. I am just really in the mood to post.

Hi, how ya doin'? I'm doing great!! I am making dinner right now.  It is a chicken curry Mexican dish.
 It's a new dish so I'm not sure how it will turn out. Uhg, the pan is taking FOREVER to heat up.

My sister made these gooey chocolate chip cookies. And they are actually pretty healthy, well, not really healthy. But less bad stuff, they are AMAZING!!! She is such a great baker, there was this one time that  she made these pumpkin caramel cookies with caramel  frosting. Oh my goodness, they were delicious!

In case you can't tell, I have a major sweet tooth! My favorite foods are, Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn, and Syrup! If you didn't get that then you need to go and get yourself a decent childhood. Because every child HAS to watch Elf at LEAST once.

It's pretty weird, I love sweets, but my favorite food is a fruit. Dragon-fruit to be exact. It taste's like a mix of watermelon and grape. IT IS SOOO GOOD!! And the outside looks like dragon fire. The inside is purple with little black seeds.

I found a ton of free, full movies on Youtube, so today is a really good day. Then again, even if I didn't find them it would still be a good day. I have just been so happy lately.

For Christmas I got these really warm, fuzzy socks that are a cross with slippers. So they are Slocks. =)
Since I am wearing them right now my feet are all warm and comfortable...I love these socks!

It's dark outside now. I love just looking at the stars, especially when it's raining. It is SOO rare that it is raining AND a clear night. I don't know how it happens, but it is amazing. It feels like the sky is falling almost.
I wish that tonight was one of those nights.

Have you ever had those dreams where you can fly? I just had one of those dreams the other night. Oh man, it was sunset and golden Merlin falcons were flying with me. Those are my favorite birds, they are amazing.
My other favorite are Gyrfalcons. They are both so...majestic.

I also love snow leopards and white tigers. I don't know why, but I have always been drawn to the big cats. I wish I could have one...that wouldn't hurt me, kill me, or maim me. Yes, I think I would love that!

Ooo, I also want a dragon. That would be pretty cool. To have your own Dragon. Except I think you would need a license or something like that.

Anywho, I think that I'm gonna go do some writing.


Time Flies

Hey all,
So. I haven't been reading as much (that's a big deal for me). We just haven't been swinging by the library for me to be able to pick up books. But, just a couple days ago I was able to get some books.
I thought they looked very interesting, so, I unsuspectingly picked them out and brought them home. Little did I know that very soon I would be the victim of...(dare I say it?)...a really weird book. THE HORROR!
It was all about a girl who went to this world full of talking, giant rodents. It was very odd.

Some books are like that.

There was this other book that I read, it was about this boy who on Thanksgiving Day goes out and tries to buy a turkey for his family. There are no turkeys left so he goes and buys a chicken instead. Except this chicken is alive, and 10 feet tall. On the way home, the boy falls in love with this chicken and saves it from being eaten. In the end he builds it a playground with a small house so it can live in the city. It was just bizarre.

On a more sane note, I was walking through Costco yesterday and saw that there were little pink and purple hearts in the card section. And heart shaped Chocolate was half off. Valentines day ALREADY?! It was JUST Christmas! In the blink of an eye we will be seeing Christmas decorations again. Just think how time went by sooo slooowwwllyyy when you were a kid. But know it seems like you wake up and a week's gone by! When I was a lot younger I thought that each season was a year.

Speaking of Seasons, I am so excited for April. We are going on a big vacation!! To a ranch in Arkansas, it has pretty much everything. And it isn't THAT expensive, it has meals included too!
So awesome!

We still have Christmas decorations up. We should take them down.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Writers Block

I am really excited right now!! I just bought a couple songs off of iTunes that I have wanted for a while. A couple years ago I got a gift card for iTunes, and I still have money left on it.

I found a full movie on Youtube. Really rare that you find a full movie that is not in French, Chinese, or Spanish. The movie was Brother Bear, and it's one of my favorite cartoons. It is just so funny! Actually I'm watching right now.

So I STILL have a case of writers block. And it is driving me NUTS!! I don't know what to do to get rid of it. It is like having shackles clamped around my brain. Argg!

I am hungry, so I am going to end this post a little short. I want to get my posts longer and longer, but today I guess I need to end it soon, because I am soo hungry. Whoa, thinking about it. I have had only an apple all day. And it is 2:34. I better go before I eat the computer. =D


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Please Snow!!

So today I was wondering what the weirdest face I could make I started making faces in the mirror. I am so happy that no one was around to see me, because that would have been horrifying.

Ok, have any of you guys heard of Calvin and Hobbes?? It's a comic strip about a 6 yr old kid (Calvin) and his stuffed tiger (Hobbes). I don't know if they run in the newspaper anymore, but I do know that there are books of those comic strips now. If you have never heard of them, then you NEED look into it further. They are just...classic. I got a Calvin and Hobbes book for Christmas, and I am so excited that I did. 

I wish it would snow already! We got a couple days with some snow and then...POOF! It was gone.
Here is a song I have composed just for this blog.

Snow, snow, how I love snow!! 
Snow, snow,How I LOOVE SNOWWW!!!!


A couple months ago, my family went on a camping trip. It was a ton of fun! And it was such an amazing campsite, with a large river, little underground springs bubbling up to a small pool, and tall pines.  Here is the small bubbling opens out into a small pool.

 This is a large rock wall that my brother tried to climb. He actually got really far up there.

 This is the river. It was just so inviting. We ended up swimming in it, and it felt like melted ice. Any colder and it would have been ice.                                                                                                   
Oh, the sun's coming out. It's a pretty nice day today. I think I'll go outside.


Friday, January 3, 2014

Sunlight Waters

This morning I went into the woods behind our house, it was amazing. Because last night rained, everything still has water on it. But today is sunny so the sunlight is glinting off of the water droplets like...the water was made of pure sunlight glow. Hmm...that gives me an idea for the book I'm writing.

My brother just saw "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty". He said it was a really good movie and now I want to see it SOO bad. Here is a list of movies that I need to see.
1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
3.Thor 2: The Dark World
4.Captain America 2: The Winter Solder

I hope I see them soon!

I have a mild case of Writers Block right now and I haven't written in...3 days!! That is a record for me! I normally write almost everyday, but I guess it's just not flowing.

My dog Finlay is curled up at my feet right now. Oh man, he is adorable. We got him as a surprise 3 years ago. See, our other dog died of...cancer I think. And we had been pestering our Mom and Dad to get a new one, but they kept saying, "Not right now."
So, when we gave up all hope. They came home with a little white puppy, at first we couldn't even see Finlay because my dad was carrying him and he was so tiny!! But his ears were so big!
I am so happy that we got him!!

Oooo, lunch is ready! Peaches and Chicken Noodle soup. Yum...I am really hungry right now. So...I will go and eat my food.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Rainy Day

Hey all! It's me!! Wait a second. How do I know it's me and not an impostor? I don't. I guess it's time for Operation  AlphaZebraCharlieFettachiniWaterbuffalo. Wow, that was interesting. I have no idea where that came from.

Today is a monumental day, my friends. Umm, because it's...ummm...I've got it! Oh, I don't. So I guess today is not a monumental day comrades. We have been falsely informed. But that's ok, we will move on.

So...I bought Let It Go from Frozen the other day. IT IS AMAZING!!!!! And I love it so much. It is mine and I shall call it Squishie. Ok, you guys HAD to get that! It's from Finding Nemo, when Dory (my favorite) finds a baby jellyfish. So she calls it Squishie, and it shall be hers.

It's rainy outside. And a bit dreary, but it's not cold. Which is really surprising, at least I don't find it cold. I was walking in the woods behind my house and it's muddy. So being the kid that I am...I took off my shoes and started jumping in it. I love the feel of mud, it is so...squelshy. That's the best word that isn't a word to explain it.

Anywho, toodlpip.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


So, this is new to me. I guess I should just say something intelligent to prove to you that I am smart. Because I am. I'm not crazy. I promise, I'm really not! Anywho, I'm Olaf, and I like warm hugs! Sorry, I speak two languages. English and movie quotes. Just in case you all don't know, that was a quote from "Frozen". Even though I haven't seen it I have seen a ton of previews! I want to see it so badly!! I am kind of rambling now. So I think I should end this post. I really should. So I will. Goodbye.