Friday, March 24, 2017

Hamilton Tag| My Favorite Song + I Just Love Hamilton SO Much

I love Hamilton. 

I love blogging.

Hamilton + blogging = a perfect world. 

I was tagged by Kayla Marie to do the Hamilton tag! The blogging gods have smiled upon me this day. Let's go. 

How did you discover Hamilton?
I saw a couple mentions of it here and there in the blogosphere, and I was kind of curious, but also I am very picky about musicals. I proceeded to ignore it until finally, a friend was like "YOU HAVE TO LISTEN." and I was like "WHY ARE YOU YELLING ABOUT IT?" Then I listened to it and my life was changed. At first, I literally had no idea what was happening, and I was bored, but then I listened to it again just because, and I WAS HOOKED. 
Who is your favorite character?
Well that's a simple question. - said no one ever.


- Alexander - 
Image result for alexander hamilton musical

*deep breath* Boi... He is his own worst enemy, and that fascinates me (in the way that watching a bird fly into a window repeatedly would fascinate me. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES, you foolish fowl). He was his own downfall. 

- Eliza - 
Image result for hamilton musical eliza

Eliza is simply the most pure, precious human in the world, and I wish that I could protect her from all the bad things in the world. I wish I could give her a hug (I know she's from the 1800s and technically "not alive", but I would still like to wrap her in a blanket and possibly some bubble-wrap...). 

- Angelica - 
Image result for angelica schuyler hamilton

Giiiirl, you keep being amazing. Angelica is so sacrificial for Eliza, and she's my fav big sis (sorry, Bethany).  The line "I love my sister more than anything in this life, I will choose her happiness over mine every time" GETS ME EVERY TIME. 

Image result for why am I so emotional gif
What’s your absolute favorite song?
Oh good, I'm glad that you're asking questions like this. It kind of reminds me of that question: "What's your favorite book?" or "Who is your favorite child?"

I've been listening to The Schuyler Sisters, Non-Stop, and The World Was Wide Enough.
I honestly can't pick a favorite (I know, I'm one of those people) because every time I re-listen to the music, I find something new about each song that I love.

How I Listen To Music:
  1. Find a song that catches my fancy (because the standards are sooo high).
  2. Listen to said song.
  3. Listen again.
  4. again.
  5. AGAIN
  6. Listen to it until I've heard it enough times that it has started playing in my dreams.
  7. aaand maybe one more time for good measure.
  8. That's enough times because now I can't stand it.
  9. Ooo, new song. 
  10. Repeat steps 1-8
So as you can see, finding an absolute favorite is difficult for me. 
Music wise, which is better, Act I or Act II?
Pshh, I don't know. 

I like Act I because I know every word to it, and it's happy!
I like Act II because FAST RAPPING and also heartbreaking stuff is fun, too. Lots of death. Betrayal. Sadness. You know, the good stuff. 

Okay, I have officially decided that Act II is my favorite. There's always something going on because we can count on good ol' Alex to mess something up. 

Image result for emotional rollercoaster gif
What’s your dream role?
Image result for king george gifs
Obvi King George... Who else?
What’s your favorite quote?

 "There's a million things I haven't done, but just you wait."
This line inspires me to write all the things and be super productive and never give up on my dreams!! 
Describe what Hamilton means to you using only 3 words.
Inspiring cautionary tale.
Idiot with pen.

Image result for truth gif
Who do you consider your “Hamilton Buddy” (someone who you can ramble, fangirl, or sing Hamilton with)? 
I don't think I really have one specific buddy. I have quite a few friends who have all been dragged down into the musical addiction listened to Hamilton, and we talk about it at times. Shoutout to Lilly though. Without her I would never have listened to this great musical. I would have thrown away my shot.
How has Hamilton impacted your life?
I mean, every day I rap about our founding fathers... So that's a pretty big impact.

Now to get all serious (I know it's not as fun, but shh, it's a part of life): Hamilton constantly reminds me of how little time we have to make a difference and to do all that we can. Death doesn't discriminate (YES I'M USING A DIRECT QUOTE. WHATCHA GONNA DO 'BOUT IT). Hamilton never fails to remind me of how much potential people have, but how easy it is to get sidetracked and waste that potential. Listen up, kids, this is applicable to your life (there's gonna be some major wisdom here, right DON'T WASTE YOUR GOSH-DARN POTENTIAL! #wiseadviceiswise

Image result for wisdom gif
What is the best thing about Hamilton?
Um, how about all of it? Yeah, definitely all of it. 

(I'm not quite sure of the rules, but I'm assuming I'm supposed to tag people for this thing, right?) 

Well this is awkward because I actually don't really know bloggers who love Hamilton. But I will try my hardest. 
and YOU!! (because I can't think of anyone else) If you have a blog, love Hamilton, and are dying to be tagged for something, here is the solution. Go forth, Do the thing. 

Have you listened to Hamilton? If you have: what's your favorite song? If you haven't: what's wrong with you?? (kidding, you live your life any way you want to) What have you been listening to recently?


Monday, March 20, 2017

Never Stop Wondering

Sorry for the late post. I've been gone for the past couple of days, and for some reason Blogger wasn't letting me do a scheduled post. So here we are. 

I am always amazed at the world around me. There is always something new to see, something that we can learn from, something we can marvel at. One of my favorite things is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Take a spiderweb, spiderwebs are everywhere. They are common. Now take a spiderweb and put it in front of a sunset. The spiderweb is immediately transformed to golden thread that shines with light.

In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him. 
The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land. - Psalm 95:4-5
All of the beauties of the world belong to Him. He created so much for us to see, learn, and wonder at. 

One of my goals in life is to see the world. All of it. I want to see every corner. I believe that it is our duty as Children of God to marvel at His creation, to recognize just how truly beautiful it is. There is so much hidden around us that we don't notice. The brilliant greens of trees leafing out, the soft smell of summer on the breeze, flowers touched by dew in the morning. 

God created life to be full of small pleasures. I don't have to leave my own backyard to find His hand. Science shows us just how complex and unrepeatable the world is. We were created to be curious and thoughtful towards life around us. Throughout my life, I'm going to keep my eyes open for the wonder all around us, because I don't want to miss a single spiderweb that is waiting for me out there. 


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

5 Reasons Why I Write| POWER (oh, and inspiring people or whatever)

I am a writer.
Image result for whaaaat gif

This is not an unknown fact. I shout about it to the internet, my family, and strangers on the street. I love writing. Ever since I told my first story (We use the term "story" here very loosely. I was about 4, and I'm pretty sure it was 85% plagiarism), I have been in love with writing and stories. Can I get an amen from all my writer friends?? (come on, fam, don't leave me hanging)

The other day, someone (We use the term "someone" here loosely. It was someone I have never met, but I talk to over the internet. #safetyfirstkids) asked me something that made me think really hard (or as hard as I can think, which is probably comparable to your average semi-aquatic mammal). 

Someone-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named: Hey, you know how you're internally screaming all the time because you have too many writing projects going on?
Me: Um...
Someone-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named: And how you're so frustrated with editing/plotting/basically every area of writing a book? 
Me: Do you have a point to this other than reminding me of my pain? 
Someone-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named: Why do you do it? What makes you love writing so much that you go through all of that? 
Me: Well obviously, I have a non-fatal brain disease that just sucks away all common sense.

But seriously. Why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through endless hours of work, tears, research about things that should probably land us in jail, and sometimes blood (depending on how prone to paper cuts you are...). 

I have spent some time thinking about the question, and I have come up with a few answers.

Because words have power.
And who doesn't love power? My long-term goal is definitely to harness any literary power I possess and conquer a small island to retire to (I know I should probably dream bigger and go for world domination, but that seems like it won't fit with my schedule. I only have Fridays open, and that doesn't leave time for conquering the whole world. Plus, a lot of the world is really hot or really cold. Pass.), but until then, I'm talking about a more subtle-power. 

It's amazing what the written word can do. It can reduce people to tears, it can change their mind about something, it can validate a whole generation, it can make the impossible seem real. The list goes on for miles. Words are a dangerous and powerful thing, and when used correctly, they can shape people. 
Image result for feel the power gif

Because I have stories to tell.
Storytime: When I was a tiny human and couldn't read, I would pick up a book and "read". I would look at the pictures and make a guess of what was going on. My favorite to "read" was Little House in the Big Wood. 
Image result for little house in the big woods illustrations

This picture inspired hours of storytelling. That's how I occupied my days, making up tales of epic proportions and telling them over and over until I was happy with them. I have so many stories to write even now (25 to be exact).  Storytelling has always been a part of who I am, and I can't imagine myself without it.

Because I want to make others dream.
You know that moment when you're reading an amazing book and you picture yourself right beside the heroes, tagging along in all the shenanigans. Maybe you don't actually picture yourself there, but you wish that you could go on an adventure as grand as that with friends as hilarious (or psychotic, depending on what book you're reading).  

I want others to imagine what would have happened if something had changed; what would have happened if someone died (who am I kidding, everyone dies), what about if a meteor crashed into the main characters and now they have Spidey Senses. 
When readers do that, they care enough about the story to spend their precious brain cells imagining the story further.

Because we need better books to read.
I am a normal, rational teenager (oh stop laughing, Jerry). I don't think I am alone in the fact that almost all of YA fiction makes me want to put all the books in one big pile and set them on fire.
  • Plot twists are basically just a random fact thrown into the story, and a closeup of the audience gasping. 
  • Foreshadowing is more like a-page-beForeshadowing.
Image result for spidey sense gif
YA foreshadowing 
  • Every dystopian novel seems to follow the same formula. I understand that the formula works and that's what people buy, but what about originality, people.
Image result for gravity falls gif we don't do much
Basically any bestselling dystopian novel. 
I want to write a book that I want to read. I want to write a book where the main character sees a semi-attractive boy and is not immediately convinced that they are soulmates (I understand that he has the cheekbones of a British man. Heck, he may even be British, BUT YOU DON'T KNOW HIM).
We need:
  • Books that challenge us.
  • Books that promote all that is good in the world. 
  • Books that don't promote feasting on fries at 3 am like the rebellious teen you think you are (honestly, you'll ruin your breakfast if you do that). 
  • Books that have a cast of characters that aren't all super attractive in a cute and quirky way (only 1% of the population looked adorable when they were a teen). 
  • Books that don't promote teen crime.
Image result for gravity falls gif we don't do much

Because if I didn't, I would die.
If I did not write, my mind would go on hyperdrive from all the ideas bouncing around all the time, and then it would get tired and crash, and boom, I'm dead. This is a fact. A group of scientists just confirmed it.

And there you have it: 5 reasons why I love writing. I can finally answer Someone-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (or better yet, just send them this post because dang, I do not want to write this twice).

Why do you love (insert your profession or hobby here)?? What was one of the first books you ever read? And does anyone want to help me conquer a small island? It turns out I am not very threatening (I'm like...5'1") and I need someone to back me up.


Friday, March 10, 2017

Sunshine Blogger Tag| My Favorite Genre, Cooking Skills, + WHO IS TOM #realtalk

Let me paint you a picture: I click Publish on my hiatus announcement post, then I pop over to Meanwhile, In Rivendell to read the latest post. Lo and behold, I was tagged. 

I am here to fulfill said tag (don't want to be thrown out of the Blogging Association, and I have an obsession with tags). Thank you so much to Olivia for tagging me! 

Is there a particular fictional genre to which you keep returning? (i.e. period drama, action, fantasy, etc.)
It didn't even take me a second to think of the answer. Fantasy is ma jam. It just has so much more than all the others, though I do think that sci-fi is a close second. In everything that I read, write, watch, and talk about, fantasy is #1. The definition of fantasy is something that is produced by the imagination (so technically, wouldn't all fiction be considered fantasy? Hmm, food for thought). 
There are so many possibilities. 

Image result for imagination gif

Fantasy -- really good, dragon-filled fantasy -- is all that I live for. If I haven't read soul-feeding fantasy in a while, I start to get grumpy. For me, fantasy is like a vitamin. It is essential. 
(To be honest, I hadn't realized how greatly I adore fantasy until answering this question. Everything makes so much more sense now)

What type of toothpaste do you use? ('Cause I'm weird like that.)
Tom's of Maine (I'm not actually sure if it's "Toms" or "Tom's". Because one way, it's like an army of people named Tom run the company. But if it's "Tom's" then that's declaring that "Tom is of Maine" which no one really cares about. Who is Tom? Why does he matter? No offense, Tom, I'm sure you're a great guy, but who let you name the business??). 

In general -- can be for yourself or for others or for both -- do you prefer straight, curly, or wavy hair?
I like either straight hair or really curly hair. I have had the curse of hair that is indecisive. Yes, I myself am indecisive, so I know where my hair gets it from, but I expected more from my hair. I'm very disappointed in it. It likes to be not quite straight and not quite curly, but this really awkward in-between where it's kind of frizzy, but also not??? I don't even know. 

Do you like musicals?
Image result for laughing gif

Image result for laughing gif

*ahem* Yes. Yes, I do. 

What is your third favorite season?
Of what TV show? 

(Jerry, hush, I am trying to read all the questions. Wait, what? It means of the weather? Like...the outside? .....I see. Thank you, Jerry, you may go)

Haha, what a fun little joke I was playing earlier. Of course I knew what the question was really asking (oh, hush Jerry). 
I would say that fall is my third favorite season. Now, I change my mind every day on that, but today, the order is: winter, summer, fall, spring. 

Image result for seasons of the year gif
Aren't these the coolest?
Jewelry -- yea or nay?
Meh. It depends on how I'm feeling. I have a few pieces of jewelry that I do wear, but for the most part, I do without. I don't have my ears pierced (not for any reason, just because I'm too lazy to take care of them), I don't wear any rings or bracelets. I will wear a necklace sometimes, though. 

Have you seen any of the live-action remakes of the classic Disney movies (MaleficentCinderellaAlice in WonderlandThe Jungle Book, etc.)?  If so, what are your thoughts on them?
Um, yes. All of them. More than once (except for The Jungle Book). 

I adore Maleficent and Cinderella very much. They both have a special memory attached to them (but I also think they're just fantastic movies in general). I like Alice in Wonderland. I thought it was fun, but I don't think it's a favorite, or one that I would just love to own. I wouldn't brave Black Friday for it, whereas with Cinderella, I would forgo a feast of pie and turkey just to beat away 5 year olds with an umbrella so I could take home that beloved movie (just kidding, I wouldn't give up food. Let's not be silly)  
Are you adept at cookery?
Image result for i can't cook gif
Storytime: Little Me (aka this was literally yesterday) didn't know that I had to cut potatoes in half when boiling them to make mashed potatoes (two hours later, we still had no dinner thanks to yours truly).
Image result for i can't cook gif
Actually me.
Little Me (once again, this was very recent) almost blew up someone's oven trying to simply turn it on. To say I am adept at cooking would be quite the generous statement. Most others would use words such as: catastrophe, hazard, and "stay away at all costs".

Image result for i can't cook gif

Is there anybody you really wish would start a blog?  
  • Emma Watson
  • Joan of Arc
  • Hermione Granger
  • God
  • BILBO BAGGINS (don't look at me like that. I know I'm a nerd. I've embraced it).
  • Legolas (because we need updates on how his hair is doing, and his hair routine, and his homemade shampoo recipes)
Image result for legolas hair gif

Do you know what your Myers-Briggs personality is?  If so, do share.
INFP. I took it three times, and all three times I got INFP. There is no doubt. 
Though I'm sure not just INFPs can relate to this because these are all awesome things. 

(fun fact: A.A. Milne (the author of Winnie the Pooh aka the best books ever) was INFP. As was J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Or at least that's what I read on the internet which makes it 100% true.)

That was so fun! Now comes the hard part...

The Questions:

What do you think are the 3 best things about yourself?
Who are the 5 people that have influenced you the most (good or bad)?
How would you describe yourself (personality or appearance)?
How would a family member or friend describe you? 
What's your favorite childhood book?
Who would play you in a movie of your life?
If you could choose your own nickname, what would it be?
What TV show or movie feels like a favorite old sweater (you know what I mean. It's all cozy and familier. You get a happy little smile whenever you wear it)?
Night-owl or Morning-Human?
Which of the seven dwarves do you most relate to (this is the most important question of them all)?

I tag: Jonathan, Savannah, and Ivy Miranda


Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Swirling Void That Is the Future|| I Don't Have A "Pla"

For the first time ever. EVER. I have no idea what to do with my life.

Image result for gasp gif

Yes, you read that right. I, the planner, the hardworker, the "I have a life plan"er, have lost any idea of what career I want.

I know that no matter what I end up doing, I will always be writing, but in the real world, making enough to survive off of writing alone is very hard, so I need a second job. A money maker. BUT I ALSO WANT TO BE HAPPY. For the past few years, I've been pretty sure that I was going to be a creative writing teacher, but PLOT TWIST, I don't like people or teaching, I just like creative writing. Then I settled on being a travel-writer, because HELLO traveling and writing in one. #dreamjob

But now???

I don't know. I don't know what I want to do. Which is really strange and kind of freaking me out. I feel like this is almost a rite of passage as a teenager, unsure if one wants to be the President of the United States or a chopstick architect, but to be honest, I never thought I'd be here, wondering what the void of darkness (aka my future) holds for me.

Image result for the future is scary gif
I have to trust God's plan for my life instead of my own, which is hard...but in the end, good...I guess. He knows what's up. 

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end." - Jeremiah 29:11

1. Properly, that which the mind thinks.
2. Idea; 
3. Opinion; judgment.
4. Meditation; serious consideration.
→5. Design; purpose←
6. Silent contemplation.
Hear that? He knows the purpose that he has for us; a purpose, a design, of peace. That is reassuring. He has me in His hands, and I know that no matter what my future will be amazing BUT IT'S STILL KIND OF SCARY (I've kind of been clinging this song).

Luckily I'm still young so I have time to figure out what cardboard box I'm going to live in. I mean, there are so many choices.

Do you have your life figured out? Or are you, too, wondering what exactly your life is going to throw at you? Did you ever have outrageous career goals as a small human (aka child)? I wanted to be a tap dancer. I had actual tap dancing shoes and everything. I rocked those shoes. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Guess Who's Back? Back Again...(Shady's Back. Tell a Friend)

As you may or may not have gathered by my last post, I left you all for less than a month. It was so strange to not be blogging and reading comments and interacting with you guys, but it was much needed. Also, it gave me some time to finally catch up on LIFE, which is always a plus.

All this to say: I'm back. 

Image result for disney applauding gif

February was the first month in almost two years that I have not written a Favorites post. WHAT? Each night towards the end of the month, I would mentally run through every item I was going to list, what music I was listening to, what books I had adored, etc, then I realized it didn't matter because I wasn't writing a Favorites. Man, that was strange. 

We here at An Odd Blog are very excited to be back in the blogosphere (which took me longer than it should have to figure out how to spell it. It's a difficult word, okay? Don't look at me like that). Since I took the hiatus, you may find yourself asking things like "Why did you do it? Why did you leave us?" or "You took a random hiatus. How do I know what to expect now?" or possibly even "How do I know an alien race hasn't taken over your mind and is slowly taking over more minds through blogging?"

These are all fantastic questions. I will answer them the best I can. 

What to Expect 
  • Bookish flailing. 
  • Some photography??? 
  • maybe. 
  • no promises. 
  • More writing updates. 
  • Favorites posts (unless y'all hate them. If so, please let me know.)
  • A vlog someday (probs not this year because I am shy). 
  • Another bookshelf tour. 
  • Movie reviews. 
  • You know, normal stuff. 
What's that? You want to know if you can give me chocolate and cupcakes because you're so happy I'm back? *blushes* Oh stop (hand 'em over). 


P.S. I have to do the mandatory blogging gif that everyone who goes on a hiatus uses. Guys. I have to, otherwise I'll be kicked out of the Blogging Association (it's totally real). 

Image result for miss me gif
There we go. Now I won't be kicked out. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hiatus|| In Which I Leave You All and It's Very Sad

As the title suggests, I have decided to take a small hiatus from blogging. No, this isn't your fault. Me being the ridiculous human that I am, I've been slowly turning it into a Have-To, which isn't fun at all. I actually wrote a post recently on doing something just because you love it, and that, for me, has been blogging, but recently...not so much.

I haven't been in the mood to blog recently, and I really don't want blogging to become a chore or something that I dread because IT'S SO FUN. So, I think I'm going to be MIA for the rest of February, and see how I feel. I've actually felt like I should take a hiatus since November, but then I had all these posts I wanted to write, so of course I couldn't, but now I'm thinking it's the right time.

RIP An Odd Blog 
(until March probably)

Image result for take a break gif
Just so you know...
Feel free to cry if it makes you feel better.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Expectation vs. Reality| Plotting a Mystery Novel

So. It turns out that mysteries are harder to plot than I expected. What's with that? I've written fantasy, contemporary, and sci-fi, but until now, I hadn't tried to tackle the mystery genre yet. In my mind, it was like tackling a kitten, but little did I know that someone had snuck that kitten steroids (I'm pretty sure that's illegal, so...yeah), waiting for the day that I would test the waters of mystery (ooo, great novel title. I call it).

For the past month, I have been plotting my latest novel, Strange Sights. I've had it as an idea for the past year or so, and it has been driving me crazy to not be able to write it! I assumed that as soon as I got to immerse myself into the marvelous world that I wanted to create, I would be happy. Well, it turns out that it's still driving me crazy, but in a different way. Less of a picturesque "oh no, I'm a writer who just has too many things to write. Woe is me." but more of a "HOW THE ACTUAL HECK AM I GOING TO PULL THIS OFF?"

Image result for chris traeger I am 100% sure

This has definitely been a learning process for me, which is good, but important is learning, really?

This learning process (Learning Process: the phrase that I use to describe why I'm crying over math or have my foot stuck in the oven after trying to cook dinner) has changed how I see the mystery genre.
Expectation vs. Reality: Plotting a Mystery
(because boy, did I have expectations...)

Expectation: Mysteries aren't that much different from every other genre. You plot it just like every other genre, you do the same kind of research, etc.

Reality: Actually, you delusional pancake, mysteries are exactly that, A MYSTERY. 
I doubt that any writer has the perfect formula to writing (unless you are a writing god like Maggie Stiefvater), and I doubt that any mystery writer knows exactly what they're doing, but GOODNESS GRACIOUS, was this a learning experience. Each genre comes with its own challenges.
  • Fantasy can be difficult for those with a limited imagination.
  • Sci-Fi can be hard for those who don't like space or shooty things (usually sci-fi includes shooty things that go pew-pew. #hardfacts).
  • Comedy can be hard for those who have as much humor and wit as a dried apricot.
  • Romance can be hard for those whose soulmate is 5 cats.
  • Horror can be difficult for those who are afraid of shadows. And light (because light creates shadows, so...that's scary, too).
  • Historical Fiction can be hard for those who fell asleep in class and aren't actually sure whether World War I was a zombie invasion or if the moon landing was faked by an alien named Neil Armstrong. 
  • A series can be hard for those with commitment issues.
  • BUT MOST OF ALL: the mystery. A beast that lurks in the shadows, waiting for the unsuspecting writer who thinks they can Pants this.
Which leads me to my next expectation.

Expectation: I can Pants this. 
It is totally within my power to write this by the seat of my pants. I'll just let the story go where it goes, like the other novels I've written.

Reality: giRL, listen to a thing.
Murders take planning, schedules, and a reasonable motive (I promise I'm a writer. Please don't call the cops). Murders take multiple suspects that have to all have probable suspicion yet still be as innocent as a butterfly. Murders have to have a little flair that makes them interesting. THESE THINGS TAKE PLANNING.

Image result for plan things gif

Expectation: Writing a Fantasy-Contemporary-Mystery will be a piece of cake.
If I take these three genres and mash them together, that means 1/3 of the work for me!! Because if I can just combine a few things here and there, I won't have to come up with my own original ideas. It's a win-win for everyone.

Reality: Genre x 3 = MORE WORK, YOU CRACKED WALNUT. 
What did you think it would be? A walk in the park? No. The parks closed: you get to walk in the cactus-filled desert (not to be confused with cactus-filled dessert. I will not be making that mistake twice...). It's 3x the work trying to find the right way to get all three genres to mix perfectly without being too busy or insane.

Expectation: I will never use math in life.
Well of course I would never need addition or subtraction. I don't need to know how many apples Johnny has. All that matters is how many apples I have, which better be more than Johnny, otherwise Johnny is going down.

Reality: Fractions, division, and percentages exist in all worlds, not just evil ones (aka any world where you're forced to do math).
It turns out my villain is very much so into using math and percentages for his evil schemes. What is with that? That leaves me trying to accommodate his shenanigans by doing said math. I suppose I could hire someone to do the math for me, but then I'd have to do math to figure out how much I had to pay them if they worked for x hours. MATH IS EVERYWHERE.

Image result for math is everywhere gif

Expectation: Since I'm basing this in a real-world environment, I don't need to focus at all on world-building because I've been to the location many times. I know it well enough.
Like all crazy things, this novel is taking place in Portland (also a little in Ireland, but we won't talk about that). Since I myself have been to Portland many times, I don't have to research much. I know the vibe, the businesses, and the terrain well enough to be able to rely on my own brain over Google for this one.

Reality: Just kidding, I have the memory of a goldfish, and I also have to create a whole other community and tie it in with the residing one. 
So it turns out that magical communities are very different from normal ones, what with their wings and floating cats...

Expectation: Detectiving will be simple.
I'm a relatively intelligent human. I can Sherlock my way out of any situation. I can find proper evidence and clues at the click of a key.

Reality: I am as intelligent as Anderson.

Image result for anderson sherlock gif

True story. I have the mind of a middle-aged man who wears a lot of sweaters and falls against the wall crying. Why can't clues present themselves in a reasonable way? Why can't there be a Clue Line where the detective is shown the evidence straight up? Because then all the Sherlocks of the world would become Andersons. (Then again, Anderson believed that Sherlock was alive, so he may actually be the smart one here. Hmm, food for thought).

Expectation: I'm smart enough to write all this. Totally. 

Reality: To be decided.

What genre is your favorite (to write or read)? For all my writer peeps: What is the hardest thing about plotting? Did I miss any Expectations vs. Realities? 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Rewind| Agent Carter - A Love Letter to Edwin Jarvis

This is a post that I wrote around June of last year and never got around to actually posting it. Even though now Agent Carter isn't running...
  I figured I would finally bless the world with it (you're welcome). Enjoy.

By now, Agent Carter has climbed to the place of one of my favorite TV shows.

If you don't know what Agent Carter is, what rock have you been living under? Just kidding, I'm sure I already know and have bumped into you during one of those rock housewarming parties. Hint: I was the one that showed up late and brought the veggie platter nobody liked. 

Anywho, Agent Carter is about Peggy Carter, an awesome woman who goes around being awesome in a secret agent-y way and getting stuff done. Also, it's set in the 1930s 40s  olden days. She wears a signature red hat and makes you wish that you looked that good playing dress up. 
She's a fantastic character and kind of revolutionary I think, but she's not what this is about. No, this is about the best character of them all.
No, not him (though he is awesome).
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Edwin Jarvis is a classy (and sassy) dude that always has Peggy's back. What I love most about him is that he is portrayed as doing "feminine" things i.e. baking, housekeeping, tending the wounded, being a bit...skittish, but they never have even implied that he is in anyway less of a man or awesome person.

He's very wise, and takes care of Peggy even when she doesn't think she needs it. I love how strong and platonic their friendship really is. Usually when shows have friends of the opposite genders, there is at least some semblance of romantic tension between them at one point or another, but not here. Peggy and Jarvis are just bro's, and that's really refreshing.

He's a man of many talents, he's dedicated to his job, and overall an awesome character. If nothing else, you should watch Agent Carter for Jarvis, 'cuz he's da bomb-diggity. Also, if you watch it, I promise never to say 'da bomb-diggity' again. It's a win-win. 


Monday, January 30, 2017

January Favorites| Arson, Gummy Bears, and So Many Emotions + EVEN MORE SHARKS (what else did you expect?)

First Favorites of the new year! Wow, I know everyone says this all the time, but who cares about originality. "Where is the time going?" - Everyone in the world. 

Quick Update
  • I took a little (self-guided) tour of a few bookstores in my general living area with my mother. We ran through the rain, ate copious amounts of chocolate samples, and bribed a rabbit (and that's just the beginning of the shenanigans). 
  • I acted in a short horror film a few friends are putting together. I am both horrified (haha, see what I did there?) and excited to see the result. I have a rocky relationship with my acting skills...
  • I went full on creative on my journal, pasting random pictures and quotes all over. I was feeling sad that everyone's bullet journal was so much more colorful and exciting than mine, so I decided to stop pouting and do something about it. It was super fun. Pics coming soon (??? Maybe. Don't hold me to that because there is a 78% chance that I will forget). 
  • I wrote a really bad poem, trying to be creative and whimsical, but it is a jumble of words and things that don't even make sense, and not in a poetic way. 
  • The 5 story tall apartment building under construction right next to my father's work burnt down. I went with my father to watch the fire and make sure that his business was okay. It was actually crazy, and I was surrounded by hooligans and sketchy people at 12:00 am because that's when the fire was raging. It made it onto the news, and was a once in a lifetime experience. Also, the fire chief said it was arson!
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Crooked Kingdom: I've been obsessed with Six of Crows from the very second I read it, and I quite honestly didn't know how Crooked Kingdom was going to top that, but it clearly did not disappoint. I am a silly jelly bean for doubting Leigh Bardugo. 

The Queen of Blood: This book had been forced to the bottom of my TBR pile because of my carelessness and general tendency to put off books that are larger than a paper clip. I was forced to read it because I owed money. I owed a lot of money... 

I've been listening to a lot of random Ed Sheeran songs. His latest one is basically the catchiest song ever. 
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Sophie!! I'm finally plotting this novel and developing the characters. She is the world's most precious little crazy person. I'm super excited about Strange Sights in general. It's going to be awesome. I should do a post on the progress it's making/my other writing projects as of late. Because clearly the world needs to know my next bestselling idea. 

Blog Post
End of the Year/Kind of New Year Book Recap by An Odd Blog ↣ Because SELF PROMOTION and reviewing favorite books which cannot go wrong.

Editing Encouragement by Katie Grace ↣ Because I was right in the middle of those editing blues when I read this. 

positive thinking 101 by Acoustic Erin ↣ Because DANG this girl can always manage to write exactly what I need to read. I'm 37% sure she's psychic. 

That Life Update I Previously Mentioned by Castles in the Air ↣ Because WELCOME BACK ABIGALE. It's been a while. 

10 Things You Should Regularly Tell Bookworms by Paper Fury ↣ Because if you want to be besties with a book dragon, then you should memorize this list and cycle through it weekly. 

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This month, I have been adoring both of these two teas (no I have not been sponsored by Trader Joe's, but I mean, I wouldn't complain if I had. Trader Joe's? GIVE ME MONEY). 
Also, doesn't that look like the friendliest, sweater-wearing bear in the world? I bet he's Winnie-the-Pooh's cousin. 

I am a little concerned for the lemur though. He looks as though he has too much caffeine and hasn't slept for a week. Maybe he should cut back on the black tea. Lemur, honey, are you okay?

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This month, a couple friends of mine made a short film, and I participated for one reason and one reason alone. THE SNACKS. I was promised delicious food and assorted unhealthy things, and I was given exactly what I was promised. My favorite food this month is gummy bears. There is nothing like them (except for maybe gummy worms, gummy sharks, and those gross gummy hamburger things. Blech, who eats those?). 
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Aren't they beautiful (and slightly terrifying)?
Tv Show
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Sherlock, Season 4: I was not prepared for Season 4. It delivered some things that I am not necessarily a fan of, but for the most part, IT WAS SO INTENSE. The last episode of the season was my favorite. It was emotionally intense and it really pushed the characters we know and love to a new level. MANY TEARS WERE SHED. 
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A Series of Unfortunate Events: I was skeptical about the new series at first because I cannot be satisfied by anything. Of course, I slowly became more and more excited, counting down the days like I was counting down to Christmas. I wasn't disappointed. It was crazy and hilarious and JUST SO MUCH YES TO SETS. The sets were really what made this TV show. 

I adore the little hints and references that were sprinkled throughout the show. I would energetically slap the shoulder of whoever was beside me and die of laughter because references that only you get are the best kind. I mean sure, you look a little crazy because no one understands why the heck a sugar bowl is so funny, but that's the price of being superior. 

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Rogue One: WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I walked into the movie theater (I saw it in an old-timey theater, btw. Yes, it was as amazing as it sounds) ready to like it, but...I was so wrong.

Thoughts I had while the title screen came up.
  • This is going to be good.
  • I can just tell.
  • We got some smuggled snacks, spacious seats, and my BFF beside me. 
  • #perfectNewYearsDay
Thoughts I had walking out of the theater.
  • what
  • how
  • who had the right to make that movie
  • i'm not okay
  • I am the exact opposite of okay. 
  • I'm not crying, you're crying.
  • I am very glad it is raining. 
  • Thank you, weather gods, for blessing me with convenient weather. 
  • everything hurts.
  • I'm dying. 
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I think it might just be my new favorite Star Wars movie. It was visually stunning, hilarious, and THE CHARACTERS WERE FLAWLESS AND PRECIOUS. AND THE EMOTIONS.

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Penelope: I saw this on Netflix, and I have heard a lot about it, so...why not? It was adorable. It wasn't anything crazy amazing, but it was a fun, lighthearted twist to the Beauty and the Beast tale. Also, I would just like to say that Penelope's little nose is in no way equivalent to a boar face and fangs. I think she got off easy. If I was going to curse someone, I would make sure that they were properly cursed, as in: children screaming in the streets, people pouring bleach in their eyes so they wouldn't have to look at said cursed human.

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It's beautiful.
Sharknado: If you have been with us here at An Odd Blog for a while, you'll know that my mother and I have been watching all the classic shark movies. I decided that I had to see the most critically acclaimed, welldone shark movie of them all. And I was not disappointed. I quite literally could not stop laughing. The inconsistencies, bad acting, terrible special effects, and hilarious plot twists make it up to be a cinematic masterpiece that anyone would be lucky to watch.

The Little Prince: This was a 11:30 pm viewing. I had a deadline for something and was nowhere close, so I thought "What better to entertain me yet not distract me than a cartoon that probably won't be anything super amazing. 106 minutes later, I had gotten exactly zero work done and was very emotional over a plant. This was a really sweet movie, and the papery style of animation was perfectly fitting to the fanciful and delicate storytelling that is sprinkled throughout this film. 

Congrats if you made it through the entire post. You get a gold star and a pat on the head.

How was your January? Did anything awesome happen to you this month? Can you believe we're already a month into 2017? I don't. I'm pretty sure it's actually aliens speeding up our time. Those darn aliens...