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The Only Romance Books I'll Read + My 4 Favorite RomanceTropes

Well hello there, friend. I was going to post this in February, but I figured I would go against the crowd like the rebel I am.

When in comes to romance, I am a cantankerous old man or a squealing pterodactyl who ships anything that moves. There is no in between. Though if the story is ONLY romance, I can't stomach it. Usually. There are a few exceptions.
Why Romance Is The Worst Two people making eyes at each other.possibly getting mono.surprise, there's poor communication involvedDRAMAwow look at how much I don't care about drama. now revenge I am down for.all the revenge stories!! I was planning on doing a TOP 10 ROMANCE BOOK FAVS post, but when I started writing it I found out that, oops, I only have 3. (and while we're at it, why not throw in some more lists, because if Cait @ Paper Fury has taught me anything, it's an appreciation of lists.)

Why I Liked It
All the Bright Places doesn't feel like a romance. It's about healing and breaking.a lot of mental i…

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