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New Year, New Me - Best of 2018 and My 2019 Resolutions + Writing Goals

Well hello there, friend. Here we are at the beginning of 2019, and I'm still a little shocked that we didn't all die in 2012. #blessed

Last year I had some lofty aspirations that...may or may not have happened (leaning towards 'may not'), but that's okay because some other things took their place.

Best of 2018 accidentally went to a R-rated movie in theatersate almost an entire peanut butter chocolate cakerewatched Psychsaw Hamiltongrew closer with friendsfriends moved awaywent to Europe for a month fell asleep at a baseball gamehad to say goodbye to my dogfound what I want to do with my lifespent most of my summer by a lake started waking up at 5amfinished with math foreverreconnected with old friendspulled an all-nighter in a chicken coop (long story)ran through a corn maze at nightstarted an insta (I post infrequently and know nothing about photography. check it out!)bought a ticket to a Maggie Stiefvater writing spent Christmas screeching into a karaoke machine2…

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