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I Think It's Time...

Life has been crazy. I have felt myself getting busier and busier (frankly, I'm convinced that time itself is shrinking. It's sneaky like that.), but I haven't really felt busy enough to do anything about it. Being an author has always been my goal in life, no matter what other careers I may need to take on to support myself. Books and writing is passion, and honestly, I could talk about it for hours (and I'm sure I have).
As my To-Do list grows, my writing time shrinks. I have loved blogging, and it has helped me grow in my writing skills immensely. I've known that I wouldn't always be able to blog, but I didn't think it would be so soon. The future of An Odd Blog: Until further notice, I will not be posting anymore. I might write the occasional post if I have time, but that will probably be few and far between. Depending on how this summer goes, I might change my mind and return in the fall.
It's not you, it's me. We can still be friends. 
I re…

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